About the relationship between the app Patro and Patro-kun

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This time

About the relationship between Patro and Patro-kun

I would like to talk about the theme.

I'm worried about something called SEO.

Currently, when you search for "Patro" on Google,


The patrol robot "PATORO" is featured at the top.


“Unmanned security/disinfection robot “PATORO””


No, it's the best robot.

Recently, cleaning and disinfecting robots have been roaming around the floors of supermarkets.
If you can reduce labor costs due to a labor shortage and recover more than the installation cost, then it's definitely possible.

Restaurants are also increasingly introducing serving robots.
How much does it cost to buy a robot, and how much does it cost to lease?
I haven't researched each robot, but


If you look closely, it seems that Patro is not just a robot.

A search results in a picture book for children called ``Patrol-kun the Police Car.''

I'm sure they will be patrolling closely.




Anyway, I keep losing rankings when searching for "patro" in katakana ^^;


"PATOLO" in the alphabet



If you search for "Patro app" etc.


The investment love platform PATOLO will appear as the matching app PATOLO.




I will try my best to come out first, but
After all, no one knows how to become number one.


All you have to do is try something that you think will be the way it is.



This is a little off-topic, but as you can see in the photo attached above, recently Google Search's AI function has been explaining Patro.


Lastly, I would like to quote the sentence that AI explained below.


``ATOLO is an investment love platform that integrates dating clubs and dating clubs.It is a company that provides encounters between talented women and supportive men.
PATOLO brings together users and features from the dating club industry and the dad-hunting app industry.We are providing a p-live browser app and a way to meet people who are living in a post-corona era.
PATOLO is a member store participation type, so you can attract customers yourself.
PATOLO can be found at:



it's the best.

I'll continue to do my best.





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