The top page of the current app of PATOLO looks like this.

Thank you for your help.
This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.
I look forward to working with you today.


not yet,In-app designI haven't been able to make any suggestions about
First of all, let me share the current situation.


It is like this.




If you ask me if I'm stylish


I wonder what about,,


Although I think that

Even if Oda says

"Who said that?"

That's what I'm talking about.


is it a color problem?

Is it an icon design?

Is it a matter of fonts, borders, or placement?


SomethingI have a feeling there could be a better design,

I can't get a clear output. .



By the way,
I would like to explain the current TOP page.


top left logoPart is
Click (tap) to return to TOP.

So, if you want to return after proceeding to another search screen, you can also return from the logo on the upper left.


Then, although not shown here,
The white blank area around the upper left is
Enter your profile picture.


※Excuse me.I will put it in properly.


The profile photo is a photo taken by the agent of the member store to which you belong.
registered on the agent side; and

There are two types, one for users to upload their own photos.

If uploaded,
When the opposite sex visits your profile page
You can view each photo in order.


I will introduce you in another article.





Patron name (pseudonym)There is
Eyeball (private mode)There is

*Actually, you can turn it on and off by tapping it.


Occupation indication and
Edit profile button and
Point balance display and
The female side has a tip transfer application button.



under it
established date
Date request from partner
Request a date from yourself
Key Points

followed by the menu button.


There are XNUMX icons in the footer position.




will be five.

My page refers to this TOP page.



Since the date icon is also the part that overlaps with the date schedule menu,
The part covered by the other icon and menu is the change of the installation location and
There seems to be room for improvement, such as unifying them in one place.



As I was writing it, I felt like I was able to see a little more.

Excuse me.We will continue to share the path to improve the PATOLO in-app design.


Thank you very much for your support, guidance and encouragement.





What should I start with?




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