PATOLO-related names were unified

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.

This time

PATOLO-related names were unified


I would like to talk about the theme.


a while agoPATOLO supportI changed it to introduce myself at the beginning with the name.
Until now, the name of the operator and related staff have been slightly different inside and outside the company.

How to use:

・PATOLO Division
・PATOLO management office
・PATOLO Headquarters
な ど


The knowledge base, which has FAQs, etc., this blog post, the name of the mailing, etc. were slightly different depending on the time and case.

I think that the way of speaking changes depending on the content and target of the article and distribution, but it is also a part that is often used when giving one's name, so there was a trend to unify the basics, and MTG was held. .


If you don't mind, I don't think it will bother you, but the expression "Headquarters" may sound a bit arrogant, so we settled on the name "PATOLO Support."


In franchising, we often use the terms franchisor and franchisee, headquarters and affiliated stores, so it would be nice to say that headquarters is fine, but we are still in the beginning, so we would like to use a softer expression such as "PATOLO support." You suit me better.


By the way, "PATOLO Division" is not used as an internal expression as one of several departments in the company.
There is no special problem even if the business department calls itself externally,

It became "PATOLO support" for the same reason.
Thank you for your continued support of PATOLO and "PATOLO Support".



In addition, we will introduce the name again.



Male and female members may be referred to as users or PATOLO users, but on the member site, the terms supporters and talents are unified.


We call the person in charge of the affiliated store, the dating club, and the staff who have joined the membership as "agents".
The button for applying for an order date may say "Ask an agent".


It seems that the universe club sometimes uses expressions such as concierge and coordinator.
If you want to guide the person in charge of the club you joined, such as "Please contact the affiliated store you belong to", the expression "the club in charge" will be standardized.

However, if you feel that there are times when it is difficult to understand, we would like to respond flexibly, such as putting an easy-to-understand expression in parentheses.



It is an expression related to dating costs, but the total cost required for each matching is expressed as a "session fee".

In addition, the date and the arrangement of the date itself are described as a “session”.



The session fee includes "PATOLO usage fee", "talent fee", "agent fee" and "tip".


★ ""PATOLO usage fee” is charged 11000 yen (including tax) for each session.

★ ""talent fee” is the amount set for each woman.Set by the member store manager.

★ ""agent fee” is set for each member store.This fee will be charged only at the time of order date.
It will be a fee for the agent to coordinate the schedule with the talent on behalf of the supporter.
There is no agent fee for sessions that are decided directly between users on AutoDate using the chat function.


★ ""チップ” is the amount of so-called “transportation expenses” and “gratuity” that can be set by the woman herself.
It can be set from 0 yen to 2 yen.
Apart from allowances and support in the event that a relationship develops, if a date is established, payment will be made to the woman through PATOLO.



At PATOLO, points are settled first when supporters apply for a session.
If you don't have enough points, you can use it after purchasing points first.


Points will be refunded if the session is unsuccessful.
Once the date is successfully established and the day arrives, you will be asked to post your impressions of the date later as feedback, such as what was good or bad.
The date will be completed when you post feedback, and the "tips" you have received will be added as points to the talent.


If the talent applies from the member site, the amount of points held at the time of application will be transferred to the designated account on the 15th of the following month.



We will continue to improve the app (membership site), so please continue to support us.





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