Renewal of PATOLO-related SNS accounts

Thank you for your help.How are you all doing in the new year?
  Originally, I feel that last week's story would be more appropriate, but I carelessly pushed myself too hard and forgot that the fiscal year had changed.
It seems that there are many elementary school entrance ceremonies nationwide today, but our company's group, the Universe Group, also had a new employee entrance ceremony. (Excuse me. It's a current affairs story from last week.)
We are in charge of managing several SNS accounts as part of the PATOLO division, and this time we have renewed the icon.  
  Since we are in the same group, we have the opportunity to ask Universe Club staff what kind of questions they have about PATOLO from Universe Club members.
As for your question,
  If I join PATOLO, can I offer women from other dating clubs?
  It is an impression that there are many things.As an answer, although it is limited to women who belong to affiliated stores, it is of course possible to offer to other women such as dating clubs to which you belong.
  I think that the number of affiliated stores and affiliated members will increase in the future, and as a member of the public relations vehicle, I will make efforts to communicate on a daily basis so that the number will increase.
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