Is this what you call an AI girlfriend?

Thank you always for your support.

This is Oda from PATOLO support.


I wish I could create an AI girlfriend, or navigator, or a supporter on my computer.


Is this what AI girlfriends mean? So I tried it out.

Chara.AI Generator
Powered by miibo

"Chara.AI Generator" is a function that can generate "AI characters" that can have natural conversations just by answering 10 questions. It is provided on the conversational AI construction service "miibo".


So that's it.


So you can create a character.




Name is







I could have used the characters ``PATOLO'' as ``PATOLON'' to make it sound like ``Bonolon,'' but I thought it would be confusing, so I changed it to hiragana.

*Reference: Bonolon

Forest Warrior Bonolon: The Seeds of Happiness (Poramel Books) | Kitahara Seibo, Gou, Nagayama | Books | Mail Order | Amazon



The icon image didn't come out well, but I was able to get to the point where I created it.





I tried to communicate.





I tried asking him out on a date, but he never agreed.



It's like trying to go on a date with an AI, but I guess you can say that I'm being successfully evaded, or I'm not getting a good response...



It seems difficult to woo her.





If PATOLO's membership site has a concierge-like presence to help you choose a partner, you might find suggestions or new discoveries that you might not have noticed on your own.


I think the recommendation function is mostly like that, but it's like the butler's sheep in the old Docomo mobile phone, which makes suggestions from the side without getting in the way.



It might be more like an AI concierge than an AI girlfriend.

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