June 07, 2023

PATOLO app verification then

Thank you for your help.
This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.


This time

PATOLO app verification then

I would like to talk about the theme.



The other day, I had the opportunity to introduce PATOLO to international members of the Universe Club.


International refers to members from overseas who mainly speak English.
Some of our members are overseas on a daily basis, but many of them are working in Japan, so we have staff members who can speak English who belong to Universe Club to guide them.


I was able to ask the staff to translate the message into English and send it by email.
Currently, PATOLO only supports Japanese, but we are looking for people who can use PATOLO because they can use it if they understand Japanese.


In the midst of this, while preparing the distribution message, I suddenly thought that if it became possible to communicate with people overseas, the possibilities for both women and men would expand. I am thinking of proposing it.



I think it would be difficult to implement it immediately, but when matching someone who can only speak English with someone who can communicate well and interact, I think it will be difficult unless the person also understands English.



However, if Japanese people who can't speak English and people from other countries who can only speak English can communicate with each other properly, I think the range will be greatly expanded.


If you force yourself to proceed even though you can't speak the language, you may not be able to communicate, and you may find yourself saying things like, "I didn't mean it this way," and it may lead to trouble.


I believe that if you can meet people from overseas with peace of mind, the possibilities will expand even further.


However, there are some parts that make me uneasy about whether the translation is really correct, or whether the nuances I want to convey are being conveyed.
That's because even among Japanese people, there will inevitably be differences in thinking and generation gaps.Little by little, you get to know each other and deepen your relationship of trust.I think it comes down to that.



It's not limited to overseas users, but I hope it will lead to good matching for both male and female users.



PATOLO is like that, but every day there are some problems (laughs).


Even if it is a problem, it is not a trouble involving users and members, but if you think about the usability of the app from the user's point of view, this one is better, after all, that one is better. What is the best condition until the very end?It's a situation that is looking for a place.


I think this situation will continue until the last minute, but the team is working together to introduce it as a release in July.



In the future, I would like to continue to disseminate the functions and mechanisms of PATOLO.
Thank you in the future.




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