Notice regarding business operations for male members of other member stores

Thank you for always using PATOLO.


At PATOLO, we have prohibited the business practice of recommending women to men other than our own member stores, but we have decided to allow this from October 2023, 10.
Currently, we are grateful that many members are sending us messages through PATOLO chat.
However, there are many situations where a man receives a message from a woman and goes so far as to view her profile, but is unable to reply.
One reason is that it is difficult to decline messages even when they arrive, and women often give up when they don't receive a reply, refraining from sending messages, and end up missing out on the chance to meet someone.
On the other hand, if it is a contact from another member store, I think men can easily reply and get information about other women they are interested in.

We hope that this change will lead to wonderful encounters for both male and female members.
If you do not want to receive sales messages from other member stores, please notify the member store in question.


Thank you very much for your many opinions and requests for improvement.
We will do our best to fulfill everyone's requests, so we appreciate your continued support.

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