The story that I met when I tried to egosearch PATOLO

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.


This time

The story that I met when I tried to egosearch PATOLO


I would like to talk about


The PATOLO team is divided into a team that mainly deals with customers, a team that deals with system improvements, and a team that takes on roles such as public relations.


Oda and Seki belong to the marketing team as a team in charge of public relations and as web managers.



As a marketer, I'm just starting out, and I'm at a position where I can or can't see Google Analytics, but anyway, I'm facing it every day.


PATOLO has just opened in July, but it is still not well known, and almost no one knows about it.


Nonetheless, it seems that some people still visit the official website from searches such as Google, so when I checked the search keywords, I found the following words.


・Shibuya face-to-face cafe
・ I'm wondering whether to go to the customs


You don't say "papa katsu" these days. .


It's a life.







When searching for "Patro", the top display of "Investment love PATOLO" is not stable yet.


However, since last year, I have been doing activities such as posting blog articles, but compared to those days, the situation has changed considerably.



Surprisingly, the word patrol seems to be used as a company name or a product name, and patrol robots are also used.


If you search for "investment romance", it seems that there is no overlap with other companies or others.



While searching for various things about "PATOLO" like that, I found the following picture when I was checking the current situation.



that?Mr. Mitsui?




An AI art-like image material that makes you think for a moment came out.


It seems to be an overseas site, but I was a little disappointed in the coincidence of being similar to PATOLO and being similar to PATOLO members.


※Quote source



Mr. Mitsui, who posts articles about twice a month on this PATOLO official blog, looks like this image to my eyes lol


I usually work in a different team, so we don't spend much time together, and I wear normal clothes, so I don't know if I'm muscular or not, but I feel like I'm somewhat similar.



I couldn't really tell him, but





Oda is Kansai,


Mr. Seki is from Kyushu,


Mr. Mitsui is in Tokyo,



I hope we can meet in real life someday.





At PATOLO, in order to hear directly from users,

We are looking for people who can interview us directly by phone or online video call to request improvements to the app and membership site.



If you are interested in us, we are waiting for you to contact us from DM to SNS account or inquiry form on official website.



* You can continue to post text opinions from the improvement questionnaire in the app.





We will share the opinions we received in the interview as an article and also share it with our internal system team.



In the future, we will continue to strive to be an “easy-to-use matching app”.


Thank you very much for your continued support.













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