I asked a girl how PATOLO feels

I have never done PR about myself in this world,

What should I do to get my article seen?

I've been transferred to this department and am taking it seriously.Feeling the shape of the future in the word investment loveHello, this is Seki from the PATOLO Division.

On a business trip to Tokyo the other day

I used to work on the contents of PATOLO this timeI was registered in the dating clubFor male and female members

I will show you the service contents slide of PATOLO this time.

Whether you want to actually use itWe have been listening to your opinions.

・What kind of service would you like to use?
・Points that feel like a neck
・I feel that it is better than existing apps and clubs

I asked for opinions mainly on the above (*^^*)✨

I will briefly describe it in the interview format below.

★Information about Ms. R★ 



・Beauty of beauty
・Neat system
・She's beautiful, but she's friendly and approachable.
・Those who have a fairly high evaluation based on the club's standards
・ Popular women with many dates
・A well-balanced woman who considers adult relationships with men and has a proven track record

▼ Did you want to try using PATOLO?

Seki: Well, first of all, did a woman want to register after seeing this?

R: I would like to try it.

Seki: May I ask what made you want to use it?

R:After all, by myself, with the dating club ABC

Register each (go to the club many times to register)

because it is troublesomeNo need to register again

I thought it would be nice to say.

It would be nice to be able to register all at once.

I think women will find it easy.At the time of the interview, the affiliated store (club) was ABC and others...
If you register with one club without having to interview each person, PATOLObe aggregatedBut it is that?

Seki: That's right. For example, for those who came to register on Yu*ba, I think we will inform them that they can be posted on both Yu*ba and PATOLO.

R: I see!

It would be nice to be able to choose whether to register only with the club where the interview was held, or register with PATOLO as not it.

If you are new and would like to register with PATOLO,

Will I be able to choose a member store (club) myself?

Seki: Yes, in the end

It is not possible to register with PATOLO without going through a member store (club)So, via which member store (club) 

I think it's important to register with PATOLO (*^^*)💦

▼Is there a difference depending on the member store?

R: If the member store (club) receives a commission,

If you know some, which member store (club) should I register with?

I thought I would get lost!

Does the contract form change depending on the member store?

Seki: At the moment, the contract format differs depending on the member store.There is no difference!

Just by the member storeThe setting fee for women will changeBecause,

when applying for women

There may be a difference in the amount setting (amount paid by men)Maybe

▼The neck point

Seki: If the number of member stores (clubs) increases, it will be good or bad.

Doesn't it increase the chances of being viewed by men?

Do you have any resistance (against revealing yourself)?

R: Hm~~~ That's right.

already know each otherstay,a man you see regularlyAs

If you meet someone on PATOLO, it might lead to some trouble or awkwardness.

I think.

It's not NG on an individual basis, but I think it would be nice to be able to make such a setting (so that it can't be seen)...

If the activity is known, it will be a bit difficult later.

Seki: Would it be a little easier if you could hide it by phone number verification or something like that?

R: Right!That helps a lot.


For now, give this woman the materials

Yes please let me know if you got itI asked for your opinion on

The light level is fast to understand anyway.

And show me the slide for men,

Fast, even though it wasn't meant for women.Too fast.

my turn won't come

I was so surprised that my stomach rumbled during the interview.

The sound of guu... this is the only sound that came out of my stomach.

The summary is below.

* Worth a try
★ Selection of member stores is crucial
★ It may be awkward if you meet someone of the opposite sex who has already been matched with an app or club.

Transcendence, or ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was helpful.

I wrote it quite briefly,

Still I have to divide it ... because it became a voluminous content

next time"Reasonable pricing, what do women feel about it?"

I would like to write about

Thank you for reading ✨

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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