June 17, 2022

Introducing convenient functions of PATOLO!

Thank you for visiting our blog.

I'm Yukina Takeuchi, and I'm in charge of creating materials and systems at PATOLO.

The current division of roles for staff at PATOLO is roughly like this.

The "sales team" for affiliated stores, the "PR team" for posting on various social media, and the "customer success team" for maintaining the quality of PATOLO.All of them are extremely important.

So, the role of Takeuchi (I),Material creation"...

Isn't it too plain?

Too shaded?

Ah, I wonder if there's not much to be expected of me~😇 I felt depressed for a moment...

When I open the lid

I am very busy with all the PATOLO teams!

There are too many fresh and ignorant things to study!study!study!

trial and error

super fun! !

So, I'm sending a very fulfilling day 🏃

I understand how important document preparation is.

I'm sorry for misunderstanding everyone who is creating materials in the world!

My boss who properly arranged me according to my's amazing (lol)

↓ This is a part of the explanatory material for male members.

Introducing the functions in the PATOLO web app📱

■What is private mode?

Activities can be performed without being displayed in the member list.No hits in search.

It will only be visible to people who have sent you a message or asked you to date them.

■Automatic hiding of dated opposite sex

After the date has passed (details are under consideration), the profile of the opposite sex you have dated will no longer be viewable.You don't have to make unnecessary inquiries after you start dating.

In creating materials, we have to understand PATOLO more than anyone else, so we are trying to grasp the current situation and find faults in the system and system.

It's like, "Let's ask Google."

Aiming for the day when you can rely on me, "Let's ask Takeuchi-san for a moment~" ✨

We will continue to work hard so that member stores and members can use it comfortably when the service starts!

"I've never heard of investment love, but what does it mean?"

Investment romance PATOLO ♡
Yukina Takeuchi

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