June 22, 2023

Will registering with PATOLO benefit the dating club industry in the future?

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This is Sumire Mizukami from PATOLO Division❤Investment Love❤.

April is finally approaching.

The development of the PATOLO app has reached its final stage.

All you have to do is open it up to everyone!

The stage is approaching.

Is there any benefit to registering with PATOLO?

Isn't it just getting ripped off by the universe club anyway?

The Dating Club, who thinks that

Maybe you are inside.

Rather, on the PATOLO side,

I think it's a completely opposite idea.

I think about the recent water.

I think that registering can save the future of the dating club.

There are many things to return to everyone, and I think we can increase future investment.

I'm starting to think so.

Even on the water inside, I was skeptical at first,

Since we have joined, we aim to thoroughly increase returns and follow-ups to member stores.

I've come to think that I've been moving for the past few months.

How can we make it convenient for those who have joined us?

If you can use it in a better environment,

We held meetings day after day.

In order to take full advantage of this achievement,

If you join us, PATOLO management side will do our best to follow up,

I think it would be good if we could work together to raise the industry of dating clubs.

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So how exactly do you follow me?

For clubs who are considering joining,

Please feel free to contact me at any time!

Sumire Minakami

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