I asked a man about his severe opinion about PATOLO

I recommend this person for the rest of my life!Even if you think that, you're human, so when your favorite gets old, you'll get disillusioned.

I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO business department, who has a momentary way of thinking that makes me stop pushing.

Right now, for the PATOLO pre-release,

For a lot of people about the current rules and specifications

We are trying to create as many opportunities as possible to hear your opinions.

In the end, it's neither us nor Shacho (our company's CEO) who uses it.

Men who want to support women

Women who want support from men

Since you are a member of a user with the above purpose,

I am keenly aware that it is the most important thing to incorporate real voices like this😢

only our staff"This is good! Innovative!"even if you think

Users who use"This is no good"if you feel

Maybe this service has no future,In other words, clog.

I want to avoid high death...! 💦💦

With that in mind, I asked men to take a look at the slides and give me some advice.

★Member A★ 




・ Young company executive (30s)

・Those who are warm-hearted and not too pushy

・About a year of club usage history (I haven't met many women)

★Important points to ask★

・Good things compared to apps and clubs

・ Conversely, I think it's a hole

・Did you want to use it as a whole?

Seki: What makes PATOLO different from the current Universe Club?

Especially if you paid in advance by purchasing points

Instead of handing over transportation expenses (tips in patrol) directly from men

It will be in the form of transferring from PATOLO to the woman

I think that is the big difference.

Mr. A, what do you think is the biggest difference from apps and what do you think is good?

A: The best part is

Where the number of people simply increases,

While giving the impression of being comfortable to use like an actual app

Where someone actually intervenes and confirms the identity of the woman

I think

I think that having someone in between is a very reassuring factor.

Seki: You also have an app!

Mr. A: Yes, you can only register and view only.I haven't used it yet, but...

Seki: Oh, why?

Mr. A: The app has a lot of processing, isn't it?

So (thinking that it was a fraudulent photo) I was a little scared and couldn't even apply.

Seki: It's true that everyone usually wants to look good.

Don't try to post unprocessed photosThat's right...

It is said that it is also registered in the application,No videos in the app?

Mr. A:There is no video, I think videos are very important.

The voice, the way he speaks, etc... Because the atmosphere is conveyed in the video.

Seki: The app puts communication first, negotiates,

Isn't it possible to find out someone's personality?

Even in clubs, there is a dating method called letter dating, which is a method of exchanging contact information.

This time the service

On the premise of meeting, both men and women can exchange to establish the settingI think that is our strength.

There are two types: "auto setting" and "order setting".

Men are free to choose which one(*^^*)

Mr. A: What do you do if the setting fails during the exchange?

Seki: We can't afford to charge a setting fee if we haven't been able to meet.

Refund of purchased pointsI think it will take shape.

Mr. A: That's good

Araki: So what's the downside?

auto setting,

There is nothing wrong with keeping the amount low and interacting with womenJan

Seki: Yes, people who are not good at interacting directly with the opposite sex

The troublesome person can throw the whole thing to the agent.

Either male affiliated stores (A club) or female affiliated stores (B club)

specify which one you preferI will have you do it✨

I feel that the method of handling, the method of setting, and the way of thinking may change slightly depending on the member store (club).

EachThe degree of freedom varies depending on the member storeI think so, I think it depends on your preferences.

Mr. A: Well, if I use it, I think I will apply for auto.

Araki: me too

Seki: Me too! ! !

Three people "..."

Araki: By the way, would you like to use it?

Mr. A: Is it completely different from the universe?

Seki:Some women are enrolled in UniverseIt's like that.

I think it will be an image that women who are in other member stores (clubs) will also join.

YetFeel free to use it like a subscription on a monthly basisThen,

Cheaper with an annual planIt's a good deal because it's going to be ✨

Mr. A: Yes, I feel like I want to use it!

Seki: Oh, and I think it's good that more women are registering.

Conversely, as the number of men increases,A woman who thought she was good

yet anotherRegistered as a member storecatches the eye of menThat's what it means.

A popular woman becomes an even more popular womanThere is also a possibility.

Mr. A: Ah~~~~~, I see.

It seems that there is a possibility that the quality of girls will decrease depending on the member store (club).

Araki: Do you post videos?

Seki: From our point of view, it would be better if you posted it.

Since the gap with the real thing is reduced, it will be a place you want to put on!

At PATOLO,You can also upload videos with the selfie posting function, but it is optionalSo

on the pageContent is up to womenI think it will be ✨

By the way, regarding women who register with Patro,

I think I'll ask the member store to register according to the rules of Patro, so it's uniform to some extent.

Wouldn't you be in a similar situation?I expect.

However, it is not my intention to make women do things that they feel are impossible.Because

I think that I will thoroughly check it before posting it (* ^^ *)

Mr. A: That's a relief (*^^*)

I had a conversation like this 🥺

I also talked about various psychological warfare,

anywayA gentle and tolerant man who accepts anything!

So we have a silly conversation... no,

almost, almost (hey) (sorry)

Summarizing for the time being

・It is worth trying
・Overall cost reduction (auto setting)
・Necessity of order setting?

The above three points (*^^*)

While talking, there are parts that I haven't been able to grasp clearly yet,

Is it really necessary?Like

There were some parts, so I thought I'd check the parts that were still unclear and drop them down!

What we talked about with A.

There are still some things I haven't written yet, so I'm going to do it piecemeal.

Thank you for reading ✨

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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