What is the existence of “supporters” for PATOLO?Explain the price and the world view of PATOLO!

 Thank you for your help.

I'm Oda, in charge of PATOLO promotion.

This time we will talk about supporters.

PATOLOThen "investment loveBased on the concept of "", we call the existence of men who follow celebrities (female) "supporters".

At present, PATOLO does not assume women who want to invest in someone's talent or return, so at this timeOnly men can be supportersIt has become.

There are no specific annual income rules for joining, but it is difficult to use unless you have enough money due to the structure.

Even if you have an annual income of 1000 million yen or more, if your disposable income is low, it may be difficult to use it. It seems that there is no special problem.

Also, it depends on how many people you want to support, so please consider using it while comparing it with what you want.

We will explain the minimum cost required to use PATOLO.

A male supporter is required to use PATOLO.Monthly membership feeis the responsibility of the customer.

The amount isXNUMX yen per monthIt has become.

For annual payment12 yen in 10 monthsIt is available at your expense.

This fee is required to use the minimum account.

Also, with talent (female members)against matchingis charged separately as a basic fee (setting fee)XNUMX yen each timeIs required.

This XNUMX yen is a usage fee for men to use the setting adjustment,A separate female setting fee is required for each femaleIt will become

By calling female members “tarento”, some people may misunderstand that they are female talents."Talent" here does not mean celebrities or entertainers.

It refers to "a person with talent" derived from the original meaning of the word "talent".

There may be female members who have dreams of working as a model in the future, but basically those who are registered are ordinary people. Yes, a man who will be a supporter will follow up for those who have such dreams and talents in the future, including the meaning of "patron", "Tanimachi (Tanimachi)", and "sponsor".

I'm aiming for such a world view.

of course"investment loveAs such, women are expected to provide “returns” for men, including “healing” and “energizing”.

Since there is an element of love, I was able to develop preferences based on appearance, profile, etc., and when I actually met him, I was able to spend a stress-free time, and it was a wonderful experience.And so on, the relationship with men will continue.

There are also people who have continued to associate with us, such as presidents who are stressed and lonely, because they have become a soothing presence.

There are various forms, but I hope that such encounters can be produced through this PATOLO.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

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