[Dad Life App Column] Dad Life, Affair, Cheating, and Shocking Memories

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What comes to mind when you hear the keywords daddy life, infidelity, and cheating?

I would like to talk about the theme.


This is just a story about me, but I have a memory that was a little shocking to me, and I would like to talk about it this time.


This is a story about my high school classmates, but at the time I wanted to do a job related to music.


To put it simply, I think we can do something about it as a band member.


I simply wanted to be able to make a living doing what I wanted to do.


After graduating from high school, I'm not thinking about going to higher education or getting a job, but I'm just going to play in a band.That's what I thought.


This is because there is no school I want to go to, and there is no particular job I want to work in, so I was thinking hard about what I could do to do what I wanted to do.


After that, there were many twists and turns, and I ended up going to a music vocational school.


Currently, I am not making a living from my music activities.


This is a story about members of the same school band they were in when they were in high school.


I don't know the exact details, but it seems like he didn't think he could make it through music, or maybe he made a decision mid-way through the process, and he was quietly pushing for university.


I think I passed the exam successfully, went to school normally, and graduated normally.


This is because even after we both graduated, even though we sometimes get together with other classmates, we spend our private lives in completely different places, so I don't know much about what his university life was like. is.


After that, he got a job at a bank.He seemed to be well on his way in life.

Now that I think about it, maybe he hasn't changed at all since his blue days in high school, and he's just become more sophisticated.
I don't know.



For some reason, I felt that the group that went on to university gradually took on that kind of atmosphere.


I'm not saying it's good or bad, but it's like the style of love is deceiving and deceiving, and there's nothing wrong with trying to make it look good, but I feel like that feeling is coming out a little more strongly. I did.


After some time, a few years later, he got married.
I have no idea how they met, but I think they probably have a very happy and successful family.
I feel like that.



However, something that surprised me a little bit was that I overheard a story while having a conversation about various things at a drinking party with some of my classmates for the first time in a while.



It wasn't about being a dad, but it was about having sex with him, or having an affair, or cheating.
I think he was still in his 20s or something, so it might be because he was in good health, but it seemed like another friend of mine who talked about it was also doing something similar, so it seemed very casual.


It seemed like we were meeting on a business trip when I was on a business trip.


I thought


A fisherman!


No, it's not OK if you're a fisherman, but...


I remember being surprised because there was a gap between him and the people I remember from high school.


When I became a university student, I thought that I changed again through various communities and communication.


And I felt that this kind of thing is quite common.
Regardless of whether I do it or not, I realized that it's not just something that happens in novels or dramas, but something that happens all around us as well.



As I was writing this article, I remembered that there were other gaps like this several years later.

A story about a classmate from elementary school.

I don't think there's much demand for it, but I think I'll write about it on my blog someday.



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