[Dad activity app analysis] Consideration of the tip amount ratio of women on dates

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A study of the percentage of tip amounts by women on dates

So I would like to move on with the story.

PATOLO started in July 2023, but we checked the percentage based on dating history data since it started.


The most common amount was 83 yen, which seemed to be the amount set by XNUMX% of all people.
1.5nd place was 2 yen to 12 yen (5%), 1rd place was 1 yen to 1.5 yen, XNUMXth place was less than XNUMX yen, and XNUMXth place was XNUMX yen to XNUMX yen.


Setting the tip to 10,000 yen doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a date request, but it seems like most people choose the 10,000 yen tip, right in the middle.


However, here you can try setting it a little higher or lower depending on your strategy.Although there is a limit of up to 20,000 yen, the good thing about PATOLO is that you can set it according to your own will. That's right.


One of the reasons why 10,000 yen is often set is that at Universe Club, which has an overwhelming number of members at the moment, if a woman who comes to register does not have a specific request, she will be given 10,000 yen for the time being. This may also be a factor.


The tip amount can be changed later, so it will be set at 10,000 yen at the time of registration, and the woman can change it later.


Since women are women and unless they have a strong desire to do so, they will continue to work as they are, so it is inevitable that many users will set the price at 10,000 yen.

It may be natural that women with a tip of 10,000 yen, who have the most users, are the ones who go on the most dates.





The second setting, 1.5 yen to 2 yen, is surprisingly common.

Although it was overwhelmingly ranked number one, it still counted 91 cases.


From the perspective of rich men, the tip amount setting may not be relevant.



What surprised me was that there were almost no people in the 1 to 1.5 yen range.


Only 3 cases were counted in the tally.



Those who set the price over 1.5 yen overwhelmingly choose 1.5 yen or more, and almost all of those who set the price between XNUMX and XNUMX yen have ever gone on a date. It seems like there isn't one.




For men, it is more important to decide whether the photos, videos, and profile seem to match your feelings than to set the tip amount, and the tip amount may be just a reference.




I would like to continue my analysis and consideration.

That's all from the scene.

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