[Introduction of affiliated stores] Papa Katsu Consultant Club


▽ Papa Katsu Consultant Club

▼ Business days and hours
LINE support is available 24 hours a day.

▼Interview location
Basically, both men and women are scheduled to have online interviews. Offline is also available if desired. * Mainly Tokyo (Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc.) + Kanagawa area


In the case of an offline interview, interview at a cafe → shoot at a later date → create a profile

▼Shooting location/method (tool)
Taken with a single-lens reflex camera at a nearby park, etc. If you have a photo taken by a woman (unprocessed) or a photo taken in the studio, use that.
▼Actual shooting image 

▼Current number of members
Female: 200 (scheduled to be registered with PATOLO) More than 1000 other females Male: 5

▼ About the staff
(atmosphere, gender, etc.)

Owner:Ryuta NishikataCustomer
man aloneis run byHe is quite young, very refreshing, handsome and a good young man.He's the type of man that everyone really likes, and he's a man with a sense of cleanliness and a classic hero feeling.


▽ Points I want to appeal
In our club, we are hiring not only women's appearance but also their inner personality.
Suitable for a sophisticated meeting place,
Only women with common senseYou are registered.
Female college student at top university, OL at listed company, active CA, teacher, female doctorEtc.
Many women who have few opportunities to meet in everyday life are also registered.
Experience a special encounter.

About the management policy of the club


→Large number of members →Politeness of interviews →Specializing in daytime workers, working women, and highly educated women →Seriousness and sincerity

・ What kind of men are there (if not, are you looking for them?)
→People who like ordinary women →People who like CAs and female doctors
→I don't have any preferences regarding the personality of the man, so I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


・What kind of woman do you want to register?
→ Someone who is punctual → Someone who has common sense → (in terms of appearance)TallSeniors are welcome!

・What kind of women do you not want to come back?
→Sloppy person (time, etc.) →Those who blame others

・ Do you mainly specialize in teens for both men and women?
→ There are especially many people in their late 20s to early 30s (women).

・Where would you like to focus your efforts in the future?
→ continue

"I want to respond politely while maintaining the quality of women (collecting women with common sense)" 

▽ Staff comment

trulygood young manSo, from the cradle system to the graveyard, it was the owner who made a good impression on all humankind.I usually work for a famous company, and it seems that the management of the dating club will be developed as a separate business. 

Is it because you have a solid job?
The atmosphere that drifts is the ordinary person of the day job itself. 

He's the type that gives you a sense of security, and even when you talk to him, you'll think, "Oh, this person has a high IQ."It seems that he will see the essence of a woman and respond to her according to her attitude.
If you are a social pj, you want to use your educational background in p activities,
I highly recommend it.Personally, I would say that people who have a long history of working at night and are deeply rooted in the night life, or who have a Yankee-like visual, may not be very suitable for the company culture...?I felt that.

soft atmosphere,
I want to live as a dad after having my work properly understoodFor those who say, we recommend you to register for the papa-katsu consultant club!Please refer 🥺✨


Yuna Seki

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