Struggle: How should I plan? Someone tell me.


Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.

Currently, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to increase awareness of PATOLO.
I'm struggling, but the other day I suddenly thought,EZ new R25” I saw this.


To put it very simply, "Send your information and have them write an article for 10 yen."


That's what it means,
Just put PATOLO on it! However, it probably won't go well, and it looks like the plan won't pass within the company.


I thought about the content a little more.

Books written by our president Kida"Why 700 new graduates entered a social club management company? A management method that brightened up an organization with a dark image that gave rise to ``dad-katsu''"I thought it would be a good idea to have someone write an article about new graduate recruitment.


This would be more compatible with people who receive information from the "New R25" on a daily basis, and would likely be of interest.

Hopefully, somewhere in the article you can write, ``We are currently working on a new matching app service called PATOLO,'' so people will know about PATOLO a little more.



Are you applying for new graduates even though you're doing a dad-hunting service?

It was my first time to visit a social club.

There was such a service.

I think I'll try using it for a while.


It may be a small part, but it may lead to membership.


The created article does not just receive text,Kigyo Topi (Corporate Topic)It can be published on the web media.


Personally, I was a little concerned about "Tapple's AI girlfriend."
I guess she doesn't have an AI boyfriend.




For those who don't reach us on a daily basis, eh? Are there any companies like this? If you can think of this and click on it, it will be a success.


I also think that it is good to create new connections, transactions, and business through stories about new graduate recruitment, such as those described in books.

Furthermore, it would be even better if we could increase the number of people who apply and attract talented and suitable people when we hire new graduates next year or the year after.

This is true even for people who are not involved in employment or recruitment. I would be even happier if you could join as a user.






This is where the problem begins.



When you come up with an idea like this, isn't it difficult to formulate a hypothesis about what kind of results can be expected, explain why you think that way, and translate it into concrete goals?



If you can't do this well, you won't be able to give a good presentation, and your project won't go through.


(This is not the time to say that, but...)




At times like this, even if I don't know, I come up with a hypothesis, and it's probably like this. I wish I could say that confidently.



How many people have seen it, how many of them have come to the official website, and why I can say that is ◯◯...





yes. I will train more. Excuse me.










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