How to get started guide for dad activity beginners

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In this article, for beginners of dad activities, we will introduce what you need to know before starting dad activities, introduce apps and sites necessary for dad activities, points that beginners should be aware of, and how to earn money with dad activities. I will explain important things such as.


Papa-katsu is a term that refers to an older man (papa) and a younger woman (papa-katsu joshi) spending time on dates and meals in exchange for receiving money and gifts.Recently, it has been attracting attention as a way for young women to earn money.

In reality, it shouldn't be the only thing you can get (money), but there's no point in saying nice things, so it's better to think of the base as that, and when you meet someone who can get along with you, it's a climax. It looks like it's going to be

We will discuss the following items in detail.

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What you need to know before starting dad life

Before you start being a dad, first think about what you want.Papa-katsu is a way to make money by selling time with men, but it also has risks and disadvantages.It's important to be clear about how much risk you're willing to take and how much reward you're looking for.



Also, there is an age limit for papa activities.Generally, you must be at least 18, but some apps and sites may require you to be at least 20.Check the age limit, and if you don't meet the conditions, you need to prepare before starting Papa Katsu.


Is there an upper limit?It's quite difficult to say, but I don't often hear people say, "I can't register because of my age."However, it seems that it is not so if you say that you can be active at any age.Appearance age and skin aging may be more important than actual age, but since it is often entered from appearance, this is the reality.



Furthermore, please understand that papa katsu is different from sex acts and compensated dating.Dad activities are basically about dating, talking, and sharing time with men.Be wary of men seeking sexual services or courtship and find a reliable dad.

However, because it develops into a relationship, the support is generous and the amount of gratitude is large, so please consult and decide while considering the feeling and compatibility with the other person.



Introduction of apps and sites necessary for dad life

Papa-katsu has various apps and sites.Typical examples include Sugar Daddy, Mint C, Alice, Sugar Mei, Papa Katsu Matching App, and Wakuwaku Mail.It is important to choose the one that best suits you, as each has different features and fees.

Also, like dating sites and apps, there are malicious sites and apps in Papa-katsu.It is important to choose a reliable site or app so that you do not get involved in fraud or trouble.


In addition to the app, there is a dating club (date club).

Rather than matching while directly interacting with the opposite sex on the internet (on the site) like an app,
It is a style in which a person (called staff, agent, coordinator, etc.) enters between them to schedule and introduce a date.


It may feel a little analogue, but depending on the ability of the intervening agent, the best proposals for men and women can be made, so it's safe, secure, and easy to adjust.

Even if there is a problem, they may intervene in some form or another, so there may be a sense of security while working.



However, basically, there are many cases of “waiting for contact”, and it is difficult to approach yourself and look for a man.



It's a bit too selfish, but I wonder if I can somehow combine the goodness of the app and the goodness of the dating club.I am trying to realize the idea of

Investment romance PATOLO

At Patro, it is possible to interact with people who turn right and left online, and sometimes an agent intervenes to make adjustments.
Paid members always join after an interview with a member store, so it is impossible to meet a mysterious person whose identity you do not know at all.



We are working hard every day to create a perfect service that takes the best of both the dating club and the app.


We will continue to send information about papa activities, so thank you for your continued support.



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