June 15, 2022

The story of encountering P live lunch

Hello! "Investment romance PATOLOThis is Yukina Takeuchi from the Business Department.

Yesterday, I took a day off and went to lunch with Mr. S, a former Universe Club Osaka branch legend staff🍝

After Mr. S left the company, we became friends from colleagues, and now we are mom friends.I'm enjoying a refreshment day where I take a break once in a while and "taste delicious food slowly"✨

So yesterday I ate at a delicious meat restaurant in Umeda...
On the diagonally left side of the U-shaped counter, there was a very beautiful woman sitting on the left side of the counter.

After working as a staff at a dating club for many years, I've become hypersensitive to dating with beautiful women, and I have the ability to perceive things like an occupational disease😂

I called out

While desperately enduring the voice of my heart, I feel like regretting that I wish I had a business card today.

My speculation is that CA rate is 75% and secretary rate is 20%, does this kind of OL really exist?A beautiful woman with a clerk rate of 5% that makes you want to doubt.She's probably in her late XNUMXs, and has elegant makeup, shiny hair, and slender fingertips that look good with delicate rings💅 (Dondake Mitonnen)

And next to him is Ikeoji, who is estimated to be in his late 40s.

Ah P life.I thought about it and tried not to worry about it, but the two people who flickered into my field of vision were very excited and seemed to be having fun...

Not too close, but an exquisite sense of distance with intimacy!

They were a couple with an age difference! ?Just when I was losing confidence in my predictions, I received a call from a man who seemed to be working 📱

For a little while while the man was on the phone outside, the moment the woman was alone, she suddenly lost her mind and became tired as if she was looking at a distant place in another world 😂

I knew your feeling

It was a moment.

Looking at it from a male perspective, I feel like I've caught a glimpse of the sad reality...

When I think about the time we spend together, even from the outside, we can spend a sparkling relationship that makes us think that we are a real couple.

It is said that there is an average lifetime income gap of about 3,000 million yen between a beautiful woman and an ugly woman, and as much as 1 million.

Certainly, there is definitely a profit and loss with the appearance you were born with.harsh reality.

I also wanted to be born with a face like Namie Amuro, Satomi Ishihara, or Kyoko Fukada.

But it is!

There are many beautiful people who are trying harder than others.

There is a big difference between 3,000 million and 1 million.

Nowadays, I feel that even beautiful women are making an effort, so I have to do what I can, before thinking, "It's okay to be popular just because you're beautiful." .

In the end, when I passed by the store when I was leaving, I heard a lively story about P, ​​so I was able to feel refreshed, "Is that so!" It was Takeuchi🙊

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Yukina Takeuchi

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