How to deepen and expand approach points in P activities

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Well, let's continue (?) from the last time... φ( ᴗ XNUMX) Oysters

In the dating club including PATOLO,

your approach point

It is more important than anything that there are many 😳

Not only style and looks,

Appeal that gives a glimpse of inner intelligence and characteris possible,

I have the impression that it often leads to long-term papaget! 😃

In such a place

"I like visiting cafes"
"I want you to lead the conversation entirely."

If you can only write

Poor approach = lack of intelligence
There is a possibility that you may think that

Conversation with dad when actually dating

It's not very inflated.

"I like visiting cafes"

→👨Papa ``(Hmm, so?)''

"I want you to lead the conversation entirely."

→👨Papa ``(I'm talking all the time here, it's boring to talk about it)''

Maybe, inside this chest

Do the dads have them...?

In order not to be so,

Take this opportunity to share your approach points

Isn't it good to headline deeper and wider! ((I.e.)

If you like cafe hopping...

“I like visiting cafes, so much that I always go out and visit cafes on days off.

I like to feel the atmosphere of the place and observe people, so I can't help but stay long even by myself.

I really want to eat cakes and other sweets together, but...

Someday, I want to conquer all the cafes I care about in Tokyo.”

If you want to lead the conversation all the way...

"Because I'm not used to the place, and I can't help but get nervous when I'm in front of someone I've never met before, I might get excited if you pull me like a man at the beginning.

Ultimately, I want to build a relationship that is considerate of each other, so I would like to have a long-term relationship with only those who have the same feeling, including how to lead at the beginning.

If the tension is relieved someday, I think that I will actively talk to you to make it a fun conversation, so I hope you have a good meeting. ”

and so on,

Papa is also convinced by your intelligence,

May I ask you a favor...?

How much can you expand the conversation on a date?
How much can you approach and express in your own words?

If you are a member of PATOLO who has accumulated many life experiences,

You will be able to understand even from a few sentences.

Those who tend to say, "Papa is just looking for body ...",

If you haven't met a good person,

At PATOLO, we encourage you to"Find the good"By

Why don't you focus on it? ((I.e.)

(The best recommendation for Mizukami is that you can approach "your own personality (including your view on love)" ♪
Instead of writing about your hobbies and special skills, I think that appealing to your unchanging personality will resonate most with dads♪)

Minakami Sumire

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