[Apology and correction] I had a misunderstanding.

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.


This time, I was thinking of continuing the story of PATOLO's design as a continuation of the last time.
I was a little misunderstood, so I would like to talk about that point.


This is the user screen when you log in to the current PATOLO app (it is also called a member site because it is a web app).



(That's right. This time there are also photos.)


*By the way, this is the top page when a female user logs in.
The photo is a temporary figure of Oda created by AI.


By the way, here is the male version.



This will also be Oda's temporary appearance.


Last time, I was instructed by my boss to come up with ideas for improving the “design”.I talked about the purpose of


Last timeBlog


It was a little different. ^^; Excuse me.



Correctly, expose the contents that must be improved before the app release.

It was stating.excuse me.



Regarding the overall design, it seems that we will ask an external professional again.
(That's right. I think it's definitely better.)


While snorting,

Shouldn't the login screen be simple?



The items displayed on the Pro Heal screen and the design can be improved more




I was preparing something like that kind of improvement plan.




Try actually touching the application that is currently rising,
Are there any oddities (bugs)?
I think it would be better to do this (improvement)
I was asked to pick up and propose the work to the people concerned.



I'll do it now ^^; Sorry.


Sorry for the very late release.
The original schedule was to start in April at the earliest,
Probably from July.


If there is any progress, we will report it again.
In addition, regarding the verification and improvement of the application
I would like to continue to pick up on this blog etc. Thank you for your kind support.




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