How should I decide the amount of the reward?about

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How should I decide the amount of the reward?

I would like to talk about

In conclusion, it is very difficult to say that this should be done.That's what it means.

Nanja Sora



That said, it's probably a problem for those who are starting daddy activities or who don't have much experience getting to know men after starting matching.




I said "difficult", but there are some patterns, so I would like to introduce them.



This article is based on the perspective of a woman who has less experience as a dad.




First, I would like to make some assumptions.


・ Meet at dating clubs and matching apps.
・We don't decide the conditions in advance, but after meeting you, we decide after confirming the feeling.
・I plan to meet the other party for the first time.
・Men are used to matching to some extent.The man's sense of money is unknown.


So, I would like to think about the setting that I am planning to date from now on and I am worried about what to do from now on.




In this state, I'm worried about what to do with the conditions of dating, the so-called "allowance".




There are several ways to consider

XNUMX. Think about your wishes
XNUMX. Think from the market price
XNUMX. Think about what men want

And so on.




Surprisingly, XNUMX, but I feel like it's going to work best if you think it's smooth,
If you hear that and immediately think, "No, it's absolutely impossible to leave it to the other person's wishes," I think it's okay to decide based on your own wishes.


XNUMX. Think about your wishes

I would like to think about
Think about why you decided to register for a dating club or why you wanted to get a date with a matching app.


I think that each person has their own reasons, but most of them probably wanted to try to solve problems related to money or to achieve their goals.


From that reason, you can count backwards and think about what kind of support you would be happy with, and use that as a standard value to consider the content of support and the amount of allowance. Think about it from the perspective of hope.”


As a good point, I think that dissatisfaction is unlikely to occur because it is my own hope.

However, if you push yourself too much, you may be attracted or disliked by the other party, so it may be better to decide as a reference price in yourself first.


XNUMX. Think from the market price

People often talk about the “market” on social media, blogs, and various other places.
Occasionally, there is information about XNUMX yen per session at a secret gathering for Minato-ku girls.
If it is not such a special environment, I think that the current situation is about tens of thousands of yen.

"Several tens of thousands of yen ranges from 1 yen to 9 yen."

You might hear people say that, but it's true.

However, since the tip (transportation fee) can be set up to 2 yen, it seems that there is no problem even if you consider more than that as a basic allowance.
9 yen is bad (in that case, 10 yen is better), but depending on the frequency of meeting, the content of the date, compatibility with the other person, and the other person's values ​​​​the rest is up and down. There seems to be blur.


But it seems that it can be caught that it is roughly that.


XNUMX. Think about what men want

As I wrote at the beginning, in the end it is a very important factor what kind of hope men are thinking about.
Of course, there is no problem in thinking from XNUMX, your own wishes, but of course men also have their own opinions and wishes.
In the end, it will be a matter of reconciliation, so we can't proceed without confirming the feelings of the man.


So, I think it's a very easy and smooth way to listen to the other person's wishes first.

On top of that, if there is no problem with the presented conditions, you can proceed.



At first, I said something like, "Surprisingly, it's best to think about it from the man's wishes."


"I don't have any particular hopes, so I'll leave it to the other person."


There is a woman called

Personally, if I truly believe that, I think this person is the strongest.

If you say it in public, the relationship will not go well after that, so it's better not to say it, especially to men.
I think you are absolutely wrong.


Well then, if someone who thinks anything is fine doesn't say no, that's not the case.
If you make a cheap offer, they will probably refuse, and if you don't feel right at the time of the date in the first place, it won't develop into a relationship.


If you think that the other person is a good person, it is a prerequisite that you have a good feeling.
As a result, I can't help but feel that the people who leave things to me end up getting the most support.


Rather than the problem of the amount of money per session, the total amount of support may increase as a result of the frequency of meeting and the progress to develop into a relationship (the stage where allowances are involved).



I will tell you again, but there is a minimum filter for whether or not a man can date such a woman, and it does not necessarily develop. I will never say anything, so I hope you can decide your own direction while comparing it with your own values.


I would appreciate it if you could refer to the above.


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