[True story] I also started a dad activity app


Hello, PATOLO Support Sekiyuna

How can I get people to see this blog in the new cool (quarterly)?

The result of thinking and thinking and thinking


I made a comic about my interactions with a man I met on an app.


I decided to try this.

Whether we decide to meet or not.

Posting screenshots is against the rules, so manga would be fine!and.




And I wanted to do something that only I could do.

To several former colleagues from the Universe Group


``Can I make a manga about that story? ”


I have been consulting with you.





Here is an episode of a female staff member who actually does Pikatsu in her private life.

(I don't have an image of it being just a tea meal or a one-off event, so I have a feeling it will continue for a long time)




“Unpleasant woman” episode encountered by a female staff member



Currently looking for marriage!This is what an Ita man's brain looks like!

“Psychological Anatomy of My Uncle” Episode



We've received the OK for everything, so we'll be doing some light coverage and updating it every day.





I also interacted with many men on the app, and while verifying (to the extent that I don't hurt anyone)

“What kind of response will I get if I send it?”

“What words should I use to make people uncomfortable?”


I hope to be able to output something like this.

I would be happy if you could follow our future growth.



Well then, Adios✋



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