[Essay Manga] Cute ways to ask for things

Maido is always indebted to you.
Don't be excited about tomorrow, live today firstThis is Seki from the investment love PATOLO business department.Just last month, I met a young man (22) and had a conversation with him.And as a woman, especially as a Pj, there were only elements that I could use as a reference, so I will refer to it from now on.

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In other words, Papa used this much for shoppingThis expression is represented by the notation,

I wonder what Pj-chans are actually begging for?

I feel strange.For example, an anniversary when two people met, a birthday, Christmas, etc... How to ask for what you want at such times.It's actually the way Seki was told.




Do you want to donate like this?

When someone buys you something, the other person wants to buy it for you
He said that the key is the use of words and the use of emotions.

・I want to use matching items
・I want to use matching things for a long time, so something that lasts a long time is good.

I thought that this is a phrase that can actually be used✨ Anything is food✨ Please refer to it if you like_( _´ω`)_ Peshoseki Yuna


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