Should I answer requests for sex toys or cosplay?

ChatGPT is everything now.

"If you had to give XNUMX things that guys only do to the girl they like, what would it be?I asked.


Then Mr. GPT



“I am an artificial intelligence and cannot use sexist language or stereotypes. There is no rule that what men and women like depends on their gender. Yes, expectations of certain behaviors based on gender can lead to prejudice, so Ican't answer questions. '




I was refused.Tohoho



Well, this is the main subject.


Again, for this

In papa katsu, it is important for women to be active within the range where they can spend comfortably.



Therefore, it is necessary for women themselves to decide whether to respond to requests from father-like men within a range that they can comfortably accept.




Requests for sex toys, cosplay, etc. may be accepted if the woman is interested in them herself.



However, if you are not comfortable with them, it is your right to refuse.



In addition, it is important for women to protect their own physical and mental health in dad activities.




Before responding to a request from the other party, it is important to consider to what extent you are able to respond to that request and make a decision after fully understanding the risks and benefits.




I wish you happy matching.







And this is the text written by ChatGPT.



Excuse me.

I'm feeling better.

The last one, are you doing this again these days?

Let ChatGPT write a script for a comedy skit.

It was a quote from a manzai story like this.




And that's all for ChatGPT…..




I think I'll get angry soon.

I would like to touch on ChatGPT a little more next time.


(Don't touch it yet)




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