[Manga] I thought Papa Katsu-oji was a little rich man who was in heat for his age,




Dad life uncle,

I thought he was a little rich man who was in heat for his age,

No matter how many dates you go on, there are gentlemen who will give you a reasonable allowance just for meals.
There are a lot of nice men, but I wonder if they don't feel attracted to me because they don't invite me to their bodies?


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Thank you for your help ✨ It's Seki 🥺 It's a compilation of anonymous question boxes that always get a lot of feedback 🥺 This time I did my best to draw a lot of uncles ✨ I think this is a common question for Chahan PJ and adult OKPJ.Please refer to it. * Most of the sentences are posted as they are, but some of the long sentences are translated.



(Can you dodge my fire?)

There are really a lot of p and a lot of people.I want to keep an eye on it, as long as both sides are OK with any kind of relationship.And I think it's valuable to not invite adults, so it would be nice if we could take care of each other ✨✨ I'll draw again 🥺 Yuna Seki
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