Effects of smell


This is Mitsui from PATOLO support.


Have you ever wondered about the compatibility of scents?

I have a great affinity for scents.ImportantI think so.



Scent has an indescribable charm when it comes to dating. When the other person's scent is pleasant, you naturally become closer to each other and may even create deeper communication.


Personally, I tend to dislike some strong scents, such as Fran〇〇's diffuser and D◯or's perfume. This may be influenced by past experience or personal preference.


However, sensitivity to scents varies from person to person. Some people like strong scents, while others prefer subtle scents. When going on a date, it is important to consider the preferences of your partner and choose the right scent.

On your first date, choosing a light perfume will help you be considerate and make a good impression.



Scent is also an important element when it comes to impressions of women who are working as dads in the city. However, considering that many men are sensitive to scents, it may be more reassuring to use less scents on your first date.

As you go on more dates, it would be a great idea to surprise your partner with a new scent.











Scent is a part of communication, and by exchanging mutual tastes and concerns, deeper connections are created. I hope you can have a fun date with a nice scent!





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