[Actual experience record] Grandfather meets Seki ③

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Episode XNUMX Until we meet

The second time I was told the impression of the face



▼The story up to the last time

Mr. Seki who met with his grandfather.

Market value, not a battle to be eaten or not to be eaten

Mr. Seki, who was confronted with his own value and felt like an ice pillar was stabbed in his heart.

Still, it's funny and the feeling of enjoying the place

It's still left...!?




Well, isn't it beautiful, Mr. Seki said something like that.

Starting a counterattack (?)...! ! (meaning that it's all right with me)


👩More than that, I want to know more about my grandfather.

👴about me?

👩What kind of love have you had so far?

Since you are strict about your appearance, is your ex-girlfriend a model?

👴When I was a student, there were people who thought I was beautiful.

👩When Gagagaga was a student!?



👴Yeah, there were quite a few women who were pretty and wanted to date.

👩Heh heh!Is that so.

Didn't you confess or something...?

👴I'm not very brave.It's been hard work.

👩Eh, but you have a very nice face, so I think it was a big advantage!

👴Is that so, thank you.

👩After graduating...?

👴No, especially...



No, especially! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ! ? ? ! ? ! ? !



Doyukoto! ?



👩 Huh... especially with her...?What do you mean...?


👴I agree.


👩Whoa! ! !Excuse me, can I ask you something?


👴here you go


👩Are you a wizard?


👴…Magician…?You can't fly.


👩No, I'm sorry 💦 I'll change the way I hear it 💦

Until now, I've been in a deep relationship with anyone...


👴There is none


👩You mean a virgin! ? ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?


👴... Huh.Shamefully, yes.




👩How could it not be that I didn't have the opportunity to do so... like a shop...




👴Isn't that what people think about?




Pure pure guy...



👩surely!Well, that kind of thing should be done with someone you like or care about.

There are many people who are dishonest these days, but when I think that there is such a gentlemanly and sincere person, hope springs up.


👴is that so?I've lived with the idea that it's normal.


Why did you register for the Pikatsu app?

It's the wrong time to work with the site...



👩Things that my grandfather used to take for granted are actually very difficult.

Respect to you!


👴I see, that was good.

I almost gave up on this app as well.




👴I can't meet women easily, and even if I make arrangements to meet them, they don't come on the day.

I'm waiting for you...




👴Yes, so I'm reluctant because of the fraud


👩Oh, is it like a photo manipulation scam?There are many.I often hear rumors about it.


👴No, it's a financial scam.

I thought he was a really good person, and I believed him too much.


(Omitted due to heavy content)


👩That's tough... By the way, how much did you take (by fraud)...?




👴This is embarrassing15 billion yenAbout…



👩! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ? ! ? ! ? !




👴a few months later1000 millionAbout a yen...



👩yes! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ? ! ? ! ? !


👴For some reason that was more of a shock...




👴I don't know why.


👩That's right... are you feeling okay, then...


👴Yes, it was two years ago.I'm thinking of switching.


With that kind of money, I can afford to raise a child...


👩Oh, you have children!


👴Eh, no.


👩Ah...then why...


👴Because I want children!



👩! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ! ? ? ! ? ! ? !



from now! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ? ! ? ! ? !


👴It's strange, isn't it?

On top of that, I still want a family

I started looking for a marriage partner in my 60s... (depressed)

I knew that there were really bad people in the world, but

I never thought that I would...

It's pathetic and painful, I can't trust anyone, not even myself




👩That's not true!

Even though I was faced with such an experience that usually makes me want to cramp my neck, I didn't die and lived until today

It's amazing just to see him live positively without growing hatred, I respect him!

👴You are really good at giving compliments.


Cough, involuntarilyTunk...there's no way



👩Thank you.It's just a money pj.


👴Oh, that's right, that's right.This is for you.


👩Thank you, but there are bad people in the world who act like good people


On the other hand, he's so kind that he doesn't even want to ask for money when he hears that kind of story.


I want you to think that you are in the world... so it's okay this time.


👴no, that's why


👩No, I'm really fine today.


if you think it's good


Next time, if you can make me feel a little better, that's about it ☻







👩Don't cry wwwwwwwwwwwwww




oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


Aaa raw nuru pj Oseki😢😢😢

No collection 😢😢😢


But for some reason I didn't think it was a loss.

Look at the grandfather whose future life is shorter than the number of years he has lived

I was encouraged a little.


Thank you, Grandpa.

So, the Scammed Marriage Grandfather Edition is over.


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