[Actual experience record] Grandfather meets Seki②

True record experience XNUMX. Until I sit down


I finally got a seat.Seki sat down.

Not with these two, but with an old man who went to buy orange juice

The offensive and defensive battle of Papa's activities begins now...!


So, the distance between the two is like this. ↓





(See illustration)



Uh~~~~~~~~~ Hmm, what is this picture.




I don't mind.

Normally"A woman who wants to see the glittering world"It's a reality that's not suitable for, what

I thought, no, it seems like you're the one who specified it, and it's likely that Tsukkomi will fly.




No, if you're a real daddy veteran P, when you're assigned such a common people's cafe

They are often not accepted lightly.




For example,

"This place has a lot of eyes, so it's easy to get noticed, so when someone you know sees it,

It can be embarrassing.

If you don't mind, why don't we talk in the hotel lounge? ”




I'm going to make a proposal like this.

At least I feel like that's often suggested.

(What do you think? Please try to propose once,I don't understand cafeof…! ) 





After that, I had a serious conversation with Ojisan P (or Grandpa P for short).







Old man👴




👩Thank you for your time today.

Was it difficult to find the place?


👴I was fine.I'm glad I was able to join you safely.


👩I was also relieved.Thank you for the orange juice!

It's hot outside, so I feel like I'm in my bones✨


👴…I'm glad.








It's not exciting at all, it's surprisingly exciting




👩this app well?site? In

Have you met...?


👴No, there is no such thing... This is the first time.


👩Is that so!I wonder if you're used to interaction?I thought 💦


👴That's not true.I was thinking of quitting this site.




👴I think it's high tide...


👩picture!Tide time... (of life?) Why?Even in the condition of your body...?




When the other person is in their 60s, I think it's the end of life, and I'm confused.




👴No, I thought it would be difficult to get married online...


👩… (If you were an oil tycoon), you might be able to!100 years of life!

We have 40 years to go!



👴Is that so...?can i go...?


👩I can't say for sure if I can do it, but as long as I don't give up hope

I think it's more likely than the person who throws it away ❣


👴That's know...I want a child...


👩oh ...


👴But my legs are getting weaker...


👩Is it there! ?


👴I haven't met you...


👩Is it there! ?


👴I have high ideals and I can't find anyone who thinks it's good...



👩! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ! ? ? ! ? ! ? !So K (same text below)

By the way, in what way do you feel that your ideals are high...?


👴Well, to put it bluntly, it's your appearance.




👴I know it's presumptuous of me to say that, but it's impossible for someone who doesn't accept your appearance no matter what.

There is no one who thinks that online dating is pretty good...



👩❣ (Okay, let's close the distance)

I... um... did I look okay...?



👴Ah...yes...that...isn't it okay...














ah ah ah ah



It's okay... isn't it... then...?



Somewhere, somewhere, there was something that came to Seki's heart.



👩That was nice😄

If I was told that my ideals were too high, I would be worried that I would be too timid💦


👴 Is that so?


👩Also, he has seen more people than I have for over 30 years, so it feels like he is being interviewed.

I'm curious 💦



👴…it’s okay!You're younger than me!















You're younger than me (in your 60s) so it's okay... and...?



The part that somehow stabbed my heart ✌

Japanese can make people's feelings go crazy with a little nyuance

Experience that you can also make cancer wither.



And the impression goes up and down with one little word,

There will be people who develop into adults by accumulation, and people who do not.

In the middle of the conversation, I was keenly aware that it was made up of subtle adjustments.


I may write again if I feel like it.

Yuna Seki


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