[Actual record report] Matchmaking grandpa meets Seki ①

One day in June.I was in Saitama prefecture.

Speaking of Saitama Prefecture, that popular anime

Because I only had an image of "Kasukabe Boeitai"


I don't think I would have visited this unfamiliar land that I've never been to, even though it's in the Kanto region.

This time the stage is Omiya.
I went there to meet a man, no, an uncle, a former old man.

Should I say that I made a promise with the old man to go there?


I was there anyway.
Yes, I got money, no, to make a story.

For this blog, I don't know how many people are watching it.So read on.


This time the man is a man in his 60s who is looking for marriage.


Very sincere in dealings

And the impression that you don't want to take exchanges on the site.

The face is surprisingly fine.


A man in his 60s who is looking for a marriage partner instead of looking for a friend with a matching app for dads,

It's decided that he's either crazy or has some kind of disease that has damaged his frontal lobe.

With complete dogmatism and prejudice, I headed to the meeting place, a cafe near a certain station in Shinjuku.


Here is what I specified for the appointment.

It's going to be strategic, but for me, who has almost no acquaintances in Tokyo,

It's better to be in a conspicuous place, and the more eyes you have, the better.

It can easily serve as a deterrent to sexual mischief and bad behavior (yes, such and such).



I was slow because it wasn't a cheap smartphone plan with a lot of giga,

Too slow to log into the app,

I should have specified a meeting place in front of the store, but she didn't come.

Shit, you're inside, you have to buy a drink first, but you're walking around the store

"Your uncle, Mr. XX? Uncle, Mr. XX, who is meeting with me?"


Do I have to ask around?

No, I'm going to hell...!

While I was moving my head, there was a man who looked at me passionately and modestly.

Hmm, when I look at it, it's slender like a corpse, but its face is very well-groomed and looks kind.

My uncle and uncle are looking at me...!




Do, thump...!

In my heart

"I found it, yo! You were here!!"while calling



"Wow ❣ I finally found it ❣💕💕

Do you agree with Mr. 〇〇? "





"Ah, yes... It's 〇〇."and grandfather.

But isn't the color completely different from the clothes I mentioned!While wanting to tsukkomi


"I'll buy you something, I'll treat you to anything."

And to the grandfather who acted in a big way at the cafe

I order an orange juice, sit down and think again.



wait wait waitwait wait waitwait wait waitwait wait waitwait wait wait

Is it this type?



Even if I sit face to face with you, I can't hear your voice at all...

Even if you speak loudly, this one will be in trouble...!


In that regard


"My voice may be hard to hear, so

May I excuse my neighbor (*^^*)? "

and question,


"Ah, that's right, it's good."



A voice like a mosquito that can't be heard elegantly without a partition.

I assumed that this person might be shy, so I took a seat.


Seki, take a seat.



The gong rang.




to be continued


Yuna Seki



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