Customer needs orientation and technology seeds orientation

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This is Imai from the PATOLO Division.


How did you all spend your golden week?

The PATOLO business department is open on weekends and holidays as per the calendar, so

Imai will also take a good rest to refresh himself and start working on Monday💪


During the golden week, I flipped through books related to new businesses.

The book I picked up was mainly about ideas, market research, and business plan creation.

While thinking that it might not be the information I want right now...

Since I bought it, I am about to read it to the end.


When thinking about new ideas, the themes of customer needs orientation and technology seeds orientation come up.

Customer needs are consumers' "I wish I had something like this" and "I wanted something like this!"

With the desire for products and services that

The technology seeds are: "Is this technology useful?" "Consumers should want something like this."

It seems that it refers to the company's desire to provide.


The other day at MTG to decide whether or not to do a certain service with PATOLO

Aso, the head of the PATOLO business department, was talking about needs and seeds.


When I was reading the book, I thought, "Ah! Was this what Aso was saying at that time!"

At the same time as I felt connected to Imai

It was a GW that was depressed by my lack of knowledge🥲

I still have a lot to learn...!


It became a rambling sentence, but

As a movement of PATOLO headquarters

Finally, on the member page of the production environment that users actually use

We have reached the stage of checking for defects!


I will do my best today as well aiming for a dad activity app that everyone can think is a little better 🙇‍♀️


PATOLO Division

Saki Imai





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