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PATOLO support.Sekiyuna to remember.

This time, I think I'll answer the question that was once asked! !


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👉 What are the benefits of PJ registering with PATOLO?

👉 Once, the people in the affiliated store (dating club) had an interview and explained the solid rules.

It is said that there is no person who can be ridiculed who does not know the bones of a horse


👉 Peace of mind with warranty


If you are using the Papa Katsu app, you can't help but

"Ah, I haven't been able to get in touch with today's p-candidate for a few hours, but is there a last-minute cancellation?"

"If you get slapped two times in a row, you'll die."



On twitter"Face-to-face Cancellation"just by checking

This kind of content is piled up.

There is no way to come even if you are fully prepared to come to Pikatsu.

Because the other party does not come to the meeting place.



Compared to that, PATOLO is an application specification because it goes through ♣

There are benefits to registering.



Please let me explain a few points 🥺👇











👉 You can PR (early business) by yourself



Until now, in our group's system, we've been sending lovely ♡

Even if you can add a message to that wonderful ♡,

Ponpon, and taking in real time



like an app“Okay, let’s make an appointment to meet each other~!!!”

There shouldn't have been an immediate effect of getting motivated and deciding to date with multiple people.




I will do my best until we meet face to face,

I will do my best specifically to make a daddy,

Maintaining club qualitypossible in...



People who actually get a date early on PATOLO

A lot of people are overwhelmingly sending messages from themselves.

It's not a copy and paste like a fixed phrase, but the other party's profile

It conveys that you sent it because you wanted to know more about the other person after seeing it.

Only one only you message🥺✨




Even though PATOLO's specs aren't perfect, pj is starting to move quickly.

It's safe to say that I'm making it my own right away.





👉 You can choose who you meet


Whether or not one of the great things about Pikatsu will develop into a deep relationship

"Women can choose"That point.



But when it comes to establishing a setting with an intermediary

For those who have not set up a profile

Only a little information.



I tried to ask the staff, but they seemed too busy to ask.


It's helpful to say you can refuse, but if you think about meeting for a few hours

I want to meet after making some predictions about what kind of man he is.




yes, in the dating club

I couldn't tell who it was...!It should be...!




What does that mean?



By interacting with


When I found out that the other person was a bit...

You can refuse and block.



Oh no.I thought

If you ignore the contact, the staff will


"I'm worried that I haven't heard from Mr. 〇〇💦

If you don't mind, let me know voluntarily...'


Like, I don't think this kind of thing usually happens in free love.

There is no longer any interference.


Usually, it's because I can't contact you in the app

You don't really need to contact the app management to confirm.

In that sense, unlike clubs,It gets pretty rough.





👉 Get the desired amount without negotiating



Needless to say,

The app does not guarantee the face-to-face amount

How much do you think

It is essential to negotiate from either men and women.



at the dating club


“It is certain that you will receive it, but the amount is fixed.”

"Honestly dissatisfied with this amount at this time"



I have also heard that

To be honest, you must have felt that Taipa was also bad.











that's this time

Don't worry, you can decide for yourself!

*It is between 0 and 2




Because you can set your own amount

if set high


“I have the financial strength and capacity to pay this set amount from the beginning.

And Papa, who wants to see me even if it means paying that amount.』Candidate

i can find


If you set it low


“Even though you have such a beautiful appearance, you are humble and naive.

A pure woman who is a beginner who does not understand her market value.


You might think so.

Why should I look like that woman?


= It becomes easier to get offers

=p can increase the denominator of candidates




In other words


You can think and act on your own strategy and bargain


That's why.





Don't you think that the app and the club are different?

Safer than an app, rougher and easier to use than a club


PATOLO plans to reduce risks and weaknesses and specialize in strengths.

Since the support team (we) will also seriously respond,

Please wait until I receive an offer first.



The hot days are continuing, so please take care of yourself _( _´ω`)_PESH




If only I could explain how Patro works a little better

Seki Yuna

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