[With images] A series of sessions

yes! HA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I❣

PATOLO has finally been released.


This is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.


Thank you very much for waiting for the long-awaited release of PATOLO.


To all of our member stores (clubs in charge) and prospective members, we sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting.




Once a member joins and is registered as a milestone,

I will describe in what form the offer will be made, how the exchange will take place, and how it will end.



① First, here is the state after registering and logging in 👇

・The club in charge can communicate by default in advance.

will it be sent properly?"It's 〇〇 (club name)!"You may try sending it.





② (Female perspective) If a message comes from a man, it will be written as follows.


You may get a message like below

You can also apply for a session directly 🥺✨


(Of course, messages can also be sent from the talent (female) ✨)




③Check the message




④ Confirmation and acceptance of the other party's profile


I will check what kind of men are sending me session applications (messages)!





If you have a face set, check your appearance,

Confirm the details of the date and meeting placelet's do it.




⑤ Confirm (or reject) the session


If the date and time match"accept date",

if it doesn't fit"Decline the date"






"If it's another day, I definitely want to go."If you think that


"I'm sorry that the date and time don't match. It would be possible if it was ◇ on the XX day, but how about it?"

If you send it, I think it will be easier to convey the true intentions and be confirmed.


👇If the schedule does not match, please see the details of the session application

"Cancel"Please press ✨





⑥Send notification of acceptance


After pressing accept...

Let's contact from here (female), even if it also serves as an impressive implication.



"I'm glad to hear from you (session)."

"Thank you! It's a lot of fun."



Let's send it (*^^*)





[Check the waiting status]



⑦ Check with the other party or PATOLO support if you have any questions or concerns





to schedule

There is nothing to do on the system until the meeting.


*What you can do by then*

There is no confirmation the day before, so let's manage the schedule by yourself.

Check your history to make sure you don't miss any appointments.


I try not to cancel on the day, but everything... 🥺✨



☆After a date☆


⑨ Fill in the feedback and send


Please fill in as much personal information as possible.

Once you have completed the entry, you will be able to apply for a transfer.



(XNUMX) Application for tip transfer


Complete registration of tip receipt account information.

blue letters on the top rightAccount detail settingsPress to jump to the 👇 screen.



When you're done, it should look like this:

👇 What if the original 10,000p became 0p

It means that there is no tip that has not been applied for transfer now.

In other words, OK!


🔻Before application


🔻After application



Now wait for the tip transfer from PATOLO and you're done!

Please rest assured that there will be a transfer for sure ✨


I have provided a brief explanation with pictures.

It's like this ✨

I have described it as a flow so that the image can be easily attached (* ^^ *)

Please refer 💕

Yuna Seki




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