What kind of drama is this?: “Momoiro Tanzan ~Legendary customs~”

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This time

[Limited time release] 4th installment of the sex drama “Momoiro Tanzan ~Legendary customs~” starring Kendo Kobayashi [Uguisudani edition]

I would like to treat this as a theme.




I've only seen the shortened version, but I happened to be watching Youtube for something else and it came up in a related video, so I ended up watching it because I was curious about the content of the drama.



“Pink Exploration ~Legendary customs~”


I thought it was a great title, and I was also imagining that it would be great if there was a drama like this for dads.




I think it was intentional, but it had a nice theatrical feel to it.
Maybe it's because of the theme it's dealing with, or maybe it's because they're concerned that some people might react to it if it's too realistic, but I feel like they're acting just right, which is also interesting. I thought.



A person who looks like a school lunch lady appears at the meeting place, and it feels like it's clearly fiction.


The characters are


I was so excited that I couldn't help it. lol




It seems that there are 14 episodes in total, but what kind of things will be depicted?





This is completely unrelated, but there are so many different people in this world, and so many different things happen.



I try not to judge based on my own values, but I am always surprised.




When it comes to overseas countries, it's even more difficult to communicate, and I thought it was amazing how difficult it is to do things in such a situation.

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