100 million yen a month by neglecting

We become indebted to.
This is Matsuzaka from the new type of matching "Investment Love" PATOLO business department (*^^*)




Among the member stores that have joined, last month7 yen in JulySome clubs had sales of
I will transfer it to the member storeRevenue is 40 yen.



Since miscellaneous expenses are 0 yen,Whole 40Ten thousand yenis the profit for the merchant.




Considering that it just opened with 18 registered people, it's a great number.
If things continue as they are, by SeptemberOver 100 million yenIsn't it?




neglectedA vending machine that earns 100 million yen.

What is a dating club version vending machine?

We will follow the example of a club that is already trying to achieve success and support all member stores to increase sales!


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