Thoughts on Hitoshi Matsumoto

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This year, the company president (President Kida) has also said that they will strengthen their social media presence, and posts on X have started to become more active since the new year.


There was also an article on the Universe Club staff blog.



Since the year-end and New Year holidays, there has been a lot of buzz about Hitoshi Matsumoto's relationship with women, reports and posts on the internet, and flames.




I didn't intend to write an article about it, but watching X made me think that life is meaningless, and the speculation was so lively that I gained access to fishing titles and fishing articles, and earned advertising money. Because they want to make more money, they create more extreme expressions and more extreme stories, and are designed to make those who see, hear, and read feel disgusted, irritated, and annoyed. , more and more people posted comments, and it spread further.


Was there a drinking party?

that women are dissatisfied

Either way is fine, please discuss with the parties involved. If you stand on Mr. Matsumoto's side, you will feel like he is being held back by our response even though he is making efforts toward his goals and wants to do things.



However, if I write an article in this flow and in this context, my post will end up being just an article that picks up a hot topic and wants to gain access, so I decided not to write any more. However, I have one thought that I would like to write about.



I think the problem with this case lies with the person who made the story.
I don't think the woman or Mr. Matsumoto are particularly bad.

I wonder if there's nothing we can do about things like this rich tax, famous tax, and handsome tax.


I don't fit into any of them, so even if the exact same thing happened, it wouldn't be anyone's topic of discussion.
Even if it happened, it would have been revealed to his relatives and family, and he might have felt a little uncomfortable and scolded.


They inflame troubles between individuals and steal many things from famous people and the rich.

I heard that in China, rich people can't buy things at the store for the same amount and amount as ordinary people.
For example, if you have a pack of beans that costs 1 yen, you can sell it to the average person for the regular price or give them a little extra.
In extreme cases, rich people are forced to pay 1000 yen, which is about half the price.
But the rich know this too, and will pay more for it.


In other words, it may be necessary to treat women a little better than the average person.
Things about my past, about my private life, about things that might make me jealous.
There are people, companies, and organizations who make money by being made fun of and having their reputations damaged.


Currently, we have no choice but to fight in court under the original law.
If you decide that a lawsuit is not worth the money, time, and effort, just give up.
This time I'm talking about a famous person named Hitoshi Matsumoto, and it's not my story, so I'm talking about it as someone else's story.



I wasn't able to talk specifically about one thing I was thinking about.


I wanted someone to show me the correct answer on how to survive in today's highly viral world where anyone can post anything.


It seems that there will be a trial, but rather than against women, I would like to see the correct way to deal with, how to fight, and the correct answer to the crimes of people who have taken advantage of stories from weekly magazines and magazines and spread them too much. Taranato.


Currently, it seems that the best solution is to just endure being hit and endure it, as it is better not to react to avoid the flames, but if the other person has a bad point or malicious intent, it will be corrected properly, and the person receiving the attack will be able to recover. I hope that the next stage of internet literacy and internet society will come, where people can at least be protected from being exploited.


Are we aiming for a society where people can more easily appeal their objections?

Are we looking for a system that can quickly identify false articles, malicious statements, and the people who spread them?

Or will I give up?



Will the future internet society become a mass of negativity, or will the day come when we can be connected through love (AI)?


I think it would be nice to have a warm network.



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