Matching apps are the No. 1 way to meet people these days! ?

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Matching apps are the No. 1 way to meet people these days! ?

I would like to talk about the theme.


Yahoo News had an article like this:

■ Approximately 2 in 1 people start dating after meeting online, and ``matching apps'' rank first

*Reference source:


So that's it.

The modern standard is already to meet each other online.


According to a person at a service that supports job hunting, the number of young workers is decreasing, and they tend to have fewer peers or colleagues of the same generation, making it difficult to find opportunities to find love at work. that's right.


In the first place, I'm at the company to work, so I don't belong to the company to fall in love, but since we're friends who fight together, we hit it off, and we simply spend a lot of time together. It seems that meeting each other at work has been common for a long time.


However, as labor shortages and the declining birthrate and aging of the population progress, there are fewer young people in the company, and there are only seniors in the company, and those seniors may be quite a long way from each other, or are already married, or the workplace may be difficult to deal with from a romantic standpoint. It seems that it is no longer a place where you can meet people.


Furthermore, there seem to be many companies that have banned romance within the company these days, and although it is ultimately up to the individual, from the company's point of view, there is a risk of trouble or loss of motivation if the romance does not go well, so it is not a concern. Even if you say it well, there are various difficulties at the workplace level, such as having to take time off from the same part of the shift, making it difficult to coordinate shifts with other staff, and some companies don't encourage or don't want to encourage romance within the company. It looks like it's covered.


Against this background and environment, matching apps can be used as long as you have a smartphone, and they have the advantage of allowing you to connect with someone even in your spare time or at home.


Events such as town parties, group parties, and social gatherings have long been available as places to meet people in real life, but they require time, money, and effort, and you won't know if you'll be able to meet someone until you go.


Meeting in real life has the advantage of making it easier to see how you feel, but apps can't match the simplicity and ease of use.


I think it's more efficient because you can communicate to some extent before you meet on the app, check what you have in common and what you feel like, and then narrow down your options to the people you think are a good fit and make an appointment.


In the end, you can decide whether to continue the relationship based on the impression you get when you meet them, and it's more efficient because you can move forward with your own schedule and timing, rather than depending on events.



Have you ever used a matching app?
I would be happy if you could tell me about your experiences, whether it went well or not.




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