June 28, 2023

[Summary] It's about you

Greetings, PATOLO SupportSekiyuna.

vertical readingSecchinaBut it's okay 🥺✨




yes!Right now, I am on a business trip around the time this blog is published.

I think it's a locust flapping (probably 🛩 riding)



So, as it is the end of the month,

Please let me make a summary article of trial and error and output on Twitter etc. this month ✨






2023 Year 7 Monday ~


・ Started daily update of Pikatsu Aru Aru picture diary

⇒Pikatsu, pj, p, fucking uncle, etc.

⇒Pikatsu staff inside story (updated once a week either on Saturdays or Sundays✨)




This is what I thought, and the original tweet of Twitter (X) is an illustration

There are two types.



By quoting the original tweet

Rather than a warning system that follows the example of the staff

It is better to deliver a more realistic raw voice



"I've been saying this unconsciously until now, but I guess it doesn't really leave a good impression."

"I know, I know, everyone is there too."



I hope it will be an opportunity to empathize and face yourself

And increase my illustration ability and speed

A state in which it is easy to always verbalize and output thoughts


to (my brain)

The purpose was to bring





As a result, the view of SNSBig upheaval.


When viewed from a female perspective, when viewed from a male perspective, when viewed from a staff perspective

Realize that everyone feels differently

My view is biased, and I'm strict when I'm on the staff

I didn't even notice




“Because people have emotions and individual differences.”

I came to think so.



I myself have noticed it, and I am closer to a friend who is closer to women.

I wish I could be there...!


^Is this the ultimate goal?


and by sayingIt's troublesome to go back on Twitterfor those who say

We will upload it here all at once ✨👇




~ p (general) there is ~



>From pj



>From PJ




>P reference


>From PJ




>From pj




~There is PJ~


>So I am, so the source is me



>I also felt it when I saw pj



> Often (I felt it when I saw SNS)



> Often (I felt it when I saw SNS)





~ Pikatsu A Certain Edition ~


> Often (I felt it when I saw SNS)

>Murderous uncles and older sisters are tweeting




> Often (I felt it when I saw SNS)




> Often (I felt it when I saw SNS)




>PJ's actual experience




> pj's actual experience




~Pikatsu staff inside story~

(maybe just me)



>This must be just me



> What I felt from my actual experience

Is there a demand for this?[ant]continue for



I wonder if it's like this...!

From now on, PJ and P


What kind of content and transmission is sought,

What kind of service and follow-up would you like for member store clubs?

Think about whether you want to continue or join


SNS that makes you want to see somethingWe will aim for

We would appreciate it if you could get acquainted and cooperate with the survey.


Please read up to here when you are busy

Thank you very much


Yuna Seki

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