I installed a matching app.

Always I am indebted!

This is Mitsui from PATOLO support ^^



The other day, I installed a matching app to get to know other companies in the same industry.After setting up my profile a little, I was very impressed that I received messages from many women (beautiful people) while I was waiting.


So what is the current status of PATOLO?



The current situation is "moist”, but compared to other companies in the same industry, “Dating Club x Matching App” It can be said that this structure is a unique strength.




Leveraging PATOLO's uniqueness and strengths, we will explore ways to convey our company's value in a more appealing way.

You can attract new users by emphasizing the special elements they want and the advantages that other companies don't have.



Ultimately, it is important to increase your presence in the competition of dating apps and provide users with a valuable experience.


I hope that PATOLO can achieve its own evolution and growth while referring to the success stories of other companies.







My outlook for the future is that PATOLO will enter the dating club industry.indispensableEvolving into things,

Our goal is to get as many partners as possible to support us.


I would like to raise the UI so that I can convey the goodness of PATOLO.


PATOLO Support Mitsui



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