[Manga] When I was a true amateur


hello. This is Seki from patolo support.

recently on netflix"PULUTO"I'm addicted to this anime.

👆I really want to see this.


Even when I'm not feeling well or at the funeral of a relative,





"I want to see Pluto..."

I was hooked to the point where it filled my brain.




The content is science fiction as a genre.

Author of 20th Century Boys, Naoki UrasawaA remake of the director's Astro Boy?The work I created as

It depicts a world where it is already possible for humans and robots to coexist.



And even though robots have artificial intelligence, they still think.

“What is the mind, what are emotions, and what are the differences between humans and us robots?”



And robots are programmed not to kill others (especially humans).

However, the robots known as invincible are destroyed one after another...

Who is actually causing this incident?



Human or robot?

If it's a robot, isn't it already more than a robot?

It's a story like that.


I was interested in you!Enter Netflix!

The content ended up looking like stealth marketing.


Something like this happened today at an event the other day...

My memories came back to me, as if someone had implanted the data in me.

I will write about.



Please read through.












· · · ·.


I think.

The difference between amateur pj and non-amateur pj.

Perhaps it's the difference between being able to deal with sudden events and not being able to.


If I'm on the daddy's side, I'd call a daddy-active girl who can't handle anything like this an amateur PJ.

I want to ask a girl on a date who is not an amateur PJ.I think.


So, I'm not used to it, I'm not used to it, I'm naive and pure.

I understand what you're looking for.

However, she accepts men's feelings with an open mind, gently avoids them, and lets them pursue her.

I think I would like you to experience the charm of such a girl at least once.


And the difference between humans and robots is

If an old man suddenly closes the distance with me, should I scream or not?

is not it.


 Today is also a great day!


puluto・・・patolo support


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