June 27, 2023

[Manga] There are eyes on the shoji and ears on the wall

Good morning.

This is a cough from PATOLO support.

Yesterday, I also helped out at the Universe Club Fukuoka branch, where I worked during my active days.

I have been doing interviews as PR for PATOLO, and I have been receiving nutrition from cute girls.


Everyone behaves well...

It was so much fun that I thought the staff really enjoyed it every time.

BBA, please do your job properly...



I will draw what I experienced during my time as an active staff (on-site).

what should I doAre you relied on and liked by the staff?We also include hints such as

I hope you can incorporate it into your own p-life at key points✨











What did you think?

For some people, especially men,


"I didn't think you were that kind of girl..."And

"You don't like old men at all, do you think you're doing this like it's work?"

Many people may think so.




But from the staff's point of view

“Thank you for always acting perfectly for us and men.”

about it.



No matter what the original character is, as a staff member

When I met the men, they treated me properly and gave us a smile.

I can only thank the people who make me feel comfortable.




Everyone has some degree of on/off, and different characters.

man's“I want you to be a good girl.”Thank you so much for not destroying that dream.



I'm full of that feeling.



After that, I continued to introduce myself as a woman who could be recommended to men.

She was a woman who had never had any problems.




Thank you, A-ko.

I hope you have acquired great wealth.


However, the things I do on a regular basis sometimes appear naturally in front of men, so I have developed bad habits.

We recommend that everyone be very careful not to come out.


Thank you for reading ✨


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