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We become indebted to.
With the rush to open a new ramen shop, I have a lot of homework to visit!
A new type of matching investment romance PATOLO business department
I'm Matsuzaka, who lives an unhealthy life with 2 ramen a week (*^^*)


While talking to club members, many said that attracting customers was the biggest challenge.
Can't pay for advertising, can't pass ad reviewTherefore, it is difficult for the club to acquire members on its own.
Acquired through referrals from members, affiliates, and scoutsTooth
Lending and borrowing members in partnership with other clubsThere is a current situation that there are many clubs called.


With this, members can offer to women in other clubs, but they will have to pay an extra setting fee.
In addition, since it is necessary to exchange between clubs for date adjustment, there is also a problem that it takes time.
There was also a club that stopped partnering because of many problems...


In PATOLO, you can chat and call directly to male and female members of other member stores through the WEB application.
There is no additional setting fee.
In the future, we will continue to create a system to ensure the success of member-first and member store operations.


Shunichi Matsuzaka


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