Protect yourself!with a feeling of

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This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.
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The theme of this time is finally to protect yourself!I feel like

I would like to talk about the theme.

"I know that without you telling me."
I think that's the content, but whether it's a dating club, a matching app, or other general encounters and relationships other than dad activities, I don't know what will ultimately happen. .


Even if there are rules, if there is no one to follow the rules, it is meaningless.


At PATOLO, there is a concept of "Dating club quality even with an app",

If you try to unravel a little more
As a feature of the dating club
・An interview is required for both men and women to join.
・Submission of ID is required at the time of admission
App features
・ You can meet freely without going through the staff with a chat function etc.

And so on.
Recently, when it comes to dating apps, there are a lot of user accounts that are registered for the purpose of soliciting, such as so-called traders. not comply withI was worried that there were a certain number of people with bad manners..


Dating clubs have a function of management and monitoring to some extent because the staff intervenes to make adjustments, but in many cases the adjustment is not as speedy as the app, and the degree of freedom was limited.


PATOLO will make the current matching app safer and more pure to enjoy datingThe thought is included.


However, I don't think there are any problems at all.
This is also connected to what I wrote at the beginning, "Even if it's an encounter with a dad or not."If two people have different values ​​and ways of thinking, it is difficult to run side by side.It is place.


Even if you are connected in terms of gratitude, support, allowance, etc., there is a limit, so it is just painful for both men and women to be together.


I don't know what kind of trouble will come out, but after choosing a place where I can realize my ideals and thoughts,Finally, protect yourself”. If you think about it in that way, even if something happens, you will be able to think that it is within the scope of your assumptions and make a calm decision.


Although it is something that unexpectedly does not put anything when you are hungry,
I can't say for certain that it will never happen, so I've been honest about it.


If you limit yourself to the area where dads live,
Is the meeting place an SNS, an app, or a dating club?
Is it a place like a meeting cafe, a real community or a network of people?
I hope that each of you can find your own place and partner.


Thank you for your continued support.Oda


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