[Important] What to do if you do not receive an email from PATOLO

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Guidance on when emails from PATOLO do not arrive

I am writing an article with the content.

The other day, we received the following inquiry from a user questionnaire.

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I have not received the authentication code even if I set the reception to "".what should I do?

At the moment (7/18), there was no problem with the movement of the site itself, so there is a possibility that it was rejected by the carrier.
Please check your spam folder and try another address.

Sorry for the inconvenience 😢

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) July 18, 2023


In addition, we have received many individual inquiries from the agent of the club in charge.

In fact, Patro requires a password reset when logging in for the first time, and asks each user to change their own password.


When resetting a password, it is always necessary to enter the authentication code that is sent by email. I'm here.

For more information on how to reset your password for the first time, please refer to this article.



In addition, the registered email address is also the ID when logging in, and we also send notifications when chats are received to this registered address.

Email notifications are essential for PATOLO activities, so please check them out.


If you do not receive an email from PATOLO, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please check whether it is in another folder such as the "spam folder" or change the email reception settings so that you can receive "". Thank you for your cooperation.





If you cannot receive the email "" from Patolo, here are the options.

  1. Check to see if the email has been sorted into another folder, such as the Spam folder.
  2. Make settings that can be received, such as specifying the address of "".
  3. Notify the agent of the club in charge of the request to change the registered e-mail address.
    * The club in charge is a member store such as a dating club that you have joined, and the agent is the person in charge or staff who is in charge of the club.
  4. Chat notifications etc. are linked with LINE and receive notifications on LINE.
    *You will need your email to reset your password when you log in for the first time.


I will explain them in order below.

XNUMX. Check the spam folder.

* I will explain using Google's Gmail as a reference.

This is the screen when you check the Gmail inbox from the browser on your computer.

There are various folders and menus on the left side, but it seems that the "spam" folder is usually hidden, so you can reach it by clicking "∨ More" and opening the menu.


XNUMX. If you can't find it even if you look at the "junk mail" folder, or if there are too many other mails and you can't find it, please try the specified reception setting.

In the case of Gmail viewed in a browser, the gear mark in the upper right is the setting menu.

Click to open the menu.



Click "Show all settings"to open the detailed settings screen.



Click on the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tabto open the filter settings.

next,In the "The following filters are applied to all incoming mail." column, click "Create a new filter"Click.

The settings menu will open,"From" itemPlease enter "" in the "create filter"Click.




Next, you can specify what to do when the specified email is received.

I would appreciate it if you could at least check "Do not send as spam".

In addition, you may want to set the areas enclosed in blue so that they are more distinguishable.

Feel free to customize it to your liking.



Finally, click the Create Filter button to set the filter.

This completes the settings to receive emails from specific email addresses without putting them in spam.


The above is a reference screen for Gmail, so the setting method etc. will differ depending on the service that provides mail such as Yahoo mail, provider mail, and other mobile phone carrier mail. , I would appreciate it if you could refer to the above and check if there is a similar function or setting.


After setting up, log in to PATOLO again, and if you have not yet reset your password, please follow the reset procedure and try to see if the authentication code will be sent by email.



XNUMX. Change the registered email address.

Surprisingly, this may be the quickest solution.
It seems that there are circumstances where it is difficult to receive PC mail and mail sent from the system with the mail address of the carrier provided by docomo or au.


One is that the spam filter settings and conditions on your mobile phone may have been set quite strictly from the beginning.
Originally, mobile phone email was used by many mobile phone users to communicate with each other in the era when LINE did not exist. It seems that the default state is that it is difficult to receive by mobile mail.

The other is that mobile phone emails with old domains such as Docomo cannot be used (created) now. I was able to do it, but now there are some email addresses that can no longer be created.

Such an email address may result in a delivery error when delivered from the system, and may not be able to send the email itself.


In modern times, smartphones are the main mobile phone, but in the case of smartphones, it is possible to add apps.
You can easily receive PC mail on your smartphone by installing a dedicated application for Gmail or Yahoo mail.

If you are using a mobile phone mail and are stressed that you cannot receive it, how about creating a new PC mail for PATOLO on your smartphone and using it?



XNUMX. Receive notifications on LINE by linking with LINE.

This is a story after the first login password reset, but I think there are many people who use LINE for regular communication.


There are some people who do not want to use LINE because it is private, so although it is optional, you can have LINE notify you when you receive a chat in addition to sending an email.


I think there are many people who are more likely to notice LINE than email.
If you don't mind, you can easily set it in the PATOLO management screen, so please consider introducing it.


For details, see "Recommended settings for using PATOLO What is LINE linkage?" I would appreciate it if you could refer to the article ".




What did you think.
There are some people who can receive even carrier mail, so it's not necessarily a bad idea to use a docomo or au email address, but if you can't receive the email, you won't be able to get past the first password reset, so I would appreciate it if you could check if the email address can receive the verification code.


Thank you for your continued support.

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