Poor hotel lounge

I washed my tissues. .
I do it three times a year.
A new type of matching "Investment Love" PATOLO Business Department This is Matsuzaka who makes effective use of his pocket (*^^*)


Recently, due to the increase in foreign tourists, hotel lounges are always full.
It's good to drop a lot of money, but it has become difficult to use after a meeting.
Even those who use it for date meetings may feel that it has become difficult to use.


Because of that, I'm looking for a cafe that can be used for meetings.
The atmosphere is calm and the seats are wide.The best coffee shop for Renoir to meetI think!


The moment when tea is delivered to the table filled with water, coffee and PC.
That density on a narrow table makes me think it's just an oasis in the city.
Patolo tooAn oasis in the matching industryI want to aim for (just a personal fantasy)


Shunichi Matsuzaka


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