I want to lose weight because it's summer

I keep saying that I want to lose weight because it's summer, XNUMX miles,PATOLO supportMy name is Mitsui.


Today, when I'm writing this blog, it's a very hot day with over 35℃'s so hot that I feel like I'm going to melt😢


But I like summer more than winter (^^♪


There are plenty of festivals and fun events at the beach and pool.

Personally, I plan to go to the beach with my friends next month ^^







How are you planning to spend this summer? ? ?


Camping, barbecues, and glamping are also good! !

Some people don't like the heat, so they prefer to spend their time indoors with a cooler...



In June, there was also the happy news that "Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – Making of Harry Potter" opened on the site of Toshimaen.


Mitsui has a penchant for new things, so I would definitely like to go there as a "Harry Potter fanboy".






PATOLO is also the industry's first attempt, combining "dating club" and "match app"hybrid serviceWill be! !!


It has been pre-opened, so I hope everyone will be able to use it (^^♪






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