[Men and women] Introducing how it looks after logging in

thank you always. This is Seki from the PATOLO Division. June has begun, and the humidity and temperature are rising, and the discomfort index is also rising.Today, I will upload a video from after logging in to the PATOLO app to sending a message to a man.

① When a woman logs in and profile


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♬ Cute heartwarming BGM(836059) – Red Cat Blue

・The name is not the real name as well as the club name
・The date of birth is the true age at any member store (cannot be faked)
・Freely upload selfie images and selfie videos
・Chip setting

(XNUMX) Profile items when a man logs in
Male login (view female profile)
・Do not falsify the date of birth
・ Appeal comments are very important
・ Men are the main ones who send offers
(Reverse offer is also possible * Paid)
・It is easier and more efficient to send an offer after communicating first.actually send a message
See if it reaches the other party in real time

There are two ways to make an offer.

・Auto date
・Order date

What I mentioned above is the general"Auto Date"is.Autodate is the main form of an ordinary dating app, where only personal exchanges between members and members are carried out.
Everything from start to finish without going through an intermediary (staff)
to completeSay.

Those who do not mind adjusting their own scheduleThis method is smooth and profitable.Whether the order date will be arranged by the female affiliated store or the male affiliated store
Please choose from the person who offers, staff from selected merchants intervening in the form of traditional dating clubs.

Men and women do not need to interact directlyThings are order date.It's easy because it saves time and effort, but it's just a cost (agent fee).Depending on the woman or member store, there is a possibility that we cannot offer you the desired method only by order only or auto only.For auto-only member stores,

May not be available in real timeTherefore, member stores that only accept orders that have declined orders,
I want to treat each person with hospitalitySuch,

Each member store's commitment and specializationmake use of

That's possible.Each has its strengths, so we hope that members who use them can refer to them.Yuna Seki
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