I will tell you my LINE ID ⚡

Always I am indebted.
This is Matsuzaka from PATRO Support.


“Can I request a LINE exchange through this chat?
Originally it's not allowed according to the rules, but if Mr. ◯◯ is OK with it.
However, it would be against the rules, so we will respect Mr. ◯◯'s wishes, and if the offer is rejected, we will make an offer through the PAROLO system.
I'll include my LINE ID, so I'd be happy if you could apply.
Please consider it if you like. ”


It's a very low-key and polite message, but I can't exchange contact information via chat.Prohibited behavior.

Moreover, he knew it was out, so he was convinced.
It would be fine if the other person didn't go along with it and find out, but it will almost certainly be reported.
If you don't have transportation expenses guaranteed, you'll be an accomplice if you get caught.
I think there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to take risks, but not here 100%.


Having said that, we've only had one person in the four months since we opened, so I hope you'll leave it to others to realize that there are people like this.
We would like to thank everyone for following the rules and using our services.


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