Recommended setting when using PATOLO What is "LINE linkage"?

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Recommended setting when using PATOLO What is "LINE linkage"?


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With Patro, you can link LINE notifications when using.


What is notification linkage?



I think there are some people who thought that, so I will explain it.
"LINE NotifyThere is a function called
This is a service that allows users to receive notifications by linking LINE and web services, and you can use this function to notify LINE of messages received in PATOLO.


By the way, you don't have to memorize how to read it.
"LINE Notify" seems to be commonly read as (line notify).
Notify is also OK.
A stretch bar is fine.
No problem.
Excuse me.


So from here, I will explain how to set it up.


① Tap the gear icon at the top right of the "My Page" screen.

*My page can be opened by tapping the icon on the far right side of the menu at the bottom of the screen.



(XNUMX) The screen will switch to the setting screen, so select LINE linkage.


③ Press the "LINE Link" button to link with LINE.
*You may need to log in to LINE.

4Once linked, "LINE Notify" will be displayed in the talk list.
The first message is from "LINE Notify", so it is irrelevant and can be ignored.

If you see the message "Linkage with [patolo] completed", the settings are complete.



After linking, when a message arrives in PATOLO's chat, the following notification will also be sent to LINE.


You can check the contents of the sent message, but you can only reply within the PATOLO site. increase.



You can't send message notifications from the PATOLO site, so you have to go to see if there are any chat messages on a regular basis. Notifications will also be sent to , making it easy to notice messages.


However, there may be some people who have some kind of problem, such as "I would be troubled if someone could see my LINE."
In that case, it may be more convenient not to cooperate, so we would appreciate it if you could consider your own situation and environment when you cooperate.


If you have any questions, please contact the agent (staff) of the nearest club (affiliated store).


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