Not long until release! PATOLO latest information

Maybe it's because the electricity in the washroom at home is good.Hi 😱This is Yukina Takeuchi from the PATOLO Division, who almost screams at the feeling of being confronted with her age.


I will do my best today as well while being helped by the roughness of the online image quality 😇


Well, I will tell you the latest information about PATOLO, which is scheduled to be released in April!

■Member site
The other daySeki BlogIt is in the verification stage as described.
Is there a bug?Are there any problems with the specifications?And dozens of improvement proposals are issued every day, and we are proceeding with corrections like this, mainly for bugs that need to be dealt with immediately.


Our first priority is to prepare an environment that can be used comfortably before the release.
We have already stocked many points that we would like to improve after the release.


We would like to be a site that continues to evolve while receiving feedback from our members!stay tuned!

■ Renewal of the official website

We are currently preparing for the renewal of the official website.
To be honest, the current contentIt's hard to understand ( ˘•ω•˘ )Sorry for posting...


Therefore, we are striving to create a site where men, women, and member stores can fully understand the appeal and reality of PATOLO.
By the way, I was in charge of the page for member stores.


Instead of singing only good things, I would like you to value "transparency", ascertain the actual situation, and find a destination that suits you.I would like to send the necessary information for that purpose.

It's a pity that I can't tell you exactly when yet, but I hope you can look forward to the near future!


PATOLO Division
in charge of everything
Yukina Takeuchi

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